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Definizione italiana di "raspberry"
Definizione italiana di "raspberry"
Elenco di parole : "fruit"
Elenco di parole : "fruit"
Definizione spagnola di "raspberry"
Definizione spagnola di "raspberry"
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NUOVO da Collins!
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Immagine di raspberry

picture of raspberry
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Esempi di frasi che comprendono raspberry

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Another corner was planted with raspberries and strawberries this spring. The Sun (2016)You can grow raspberries successfully without netting. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We have come up with a fun new fundraising campaign - getting the nation blowing raspberries to cancer. The Sun (2016)It has notes of cherry, raspberry and red fruit, and a fresh finish. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The signals include rolling on their backs and blowing raspberries. The Sun (2010)Serve with soft fruit such as raspberries. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Spread the raspberry jam in the pastry case then top with the almond filling. The Sun (2013)The flavours were red mullet and raspberry vinegar. Times, Sunday Times (2010)His favourite activity at the moment is blowing raspberries. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Spoon over the cream and drizzle with the roasted raspberry jam. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The dark raspberry shade gives a sheer gloss with a hint of colour that suits most skin tones. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Kiwi fruit and raspberry fruit salad. The Sun (2008)Repeat the layers with the remaining raspberries and jelly, then smooth over the top. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Raspberry and blueberry production was also up by as much as 25 per cent this year. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Cheeky not to mention that the raspberries are grown and flown in from Spain. Times, Sunday Times (2007)If the ground is not frozen, now is a good time to plant raspberries. The Sun (2016)Raspberry leaf and red cherry gives way to a long, dry yet somehow juicy finish. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Usually he just follows us around in his buggy, blowing raspberries. Chris Gidney CELEBRATING SECOMBE: A Tribute to Sir Harry Secombe (2002)As soon as the weather improves and the soil is fit for planting you can plant out your raspberries in their permanent position. The Sun (2010)And they stocked up on fruit with raspberries, strawberries and blue figs. The Sun (2011)I mean anything from dark raspberry to cherry, via strawberry and plum. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Originally a strawberry, raspberry and cherry grower, it has diversified into designing tunnels and greenhouses. Times, Sunday Times (2012)As a summer alternative to pineapple, raspberry, or strawberry sauce could be used. Conil, Jean & Conil, Christopher (ed) A Passion for Food (1989)When firm, pour the rest of the jelly over the raspberries in each glass and chill again until completely set for a further 2-3 hours. The Sun (2016)

elenco di parole

fruit, red, shrub

Tendenze di raspberry

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Traduzioni di raspberry

Inglese britannico: raspberry /ˈrɑːzbərɪ; -brɪ/ NOUN
A raspberry is a small, soft, red fruit that grows on bushes.
  • Inglese americano: raspberry
  • Arabo: تُوْتٌ شَوْكِيّ
  • Portoghese brasiliano: framboesa
  • Cinese: 覆盆子
  • Croato: malina
  • Ceco: malina
  • Danese: hindbær
  • Olandese: framboos
  • Spagnolo europeo: frambuesa
  • Finlandese: vadelma
  • Francese: framboise
  • Tedesco: Himbeere
  • Greco: σμέουρο
  • Italiano: lampone
  • Giapponese: ラズベリー
  • Coreano: 나무딸기
  • Norvegese: bringebær
  • Polacco: malina
  • Portoghese Europeo: framboesa
  • Romeno: zmeură
  • Russo: малина
  • Spagnolo: frambuesa
  • Svedese: hallon
  • Thailandese: ลูกราสเบอรี่
  • Turco: ahududu
  • Ucraino: малина
  • Vietnamita: cây mâm xôi


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