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Sinonimi di "sneakers"
Sinonimi di "sneakers"
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Parola del giorno : lehua
Definizione spagnola di "sneakers"
Definizione spagnola di "sneakers"
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Esempi di frasi che comprendono sneakers

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Why are white shoes scary if white sneakers are not? Times, Sunday Times (2012) Wearing it with sneakers adds a cool touch. The Sun (2007)She was dressed differently, in jeans and sneakers. The Times Literary Supplement (2014)You won't be able to buy these sneakers without the dress. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Balance the look with white Converse sneakers. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They're wearing jeans and T-shirts and sneakers like my mum would dress me in. Times, Sunday Times (2011)She wore jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt and looked comfortable and happy. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The staff wear jeans and Converse sneakers, not white waistcoats. Times, Sunday Times (2012)It's a very casual time for fashion at the moment; men are wearing suits with sneakers. Times, Sunday Times (2014)I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Forget what you read about thin heels being back - we'll still be wearing our sneakers when the weather hots up. Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Sinonimi di sneakers

trainers, running shoes, tennis shoes, plimsolls

Tendenze di sneakers

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Traduzioni di sneakers

Inglese britannico: sneakers /ˈsniːkəz/ NOUN
Sneakers are casual shoes with rubber soles used for sports.
...a new pair of sneakers.
  • Inglese americano: sneakers
  • Arabo: أَحْذِيَةٌ رِيَاضِيَّة
  • Portoghese brasiliano: tênis sapato
  • Cinese: 运动鞋
  • Croato: tenisice
  • Ceco: tenisky
  • Danese: gummisko
  • Olandese: sneakers
  • Spagnolo europeo: bambas
  • Finlandese: lenkkarit
  • Francese: baskets
  • Tedesco: Freizeitschuhe
  • Greco: πάνινα παπούτσια
  • Italiano: scarpe da ginnastica
  • Giapponese: スニーカー
  • Coreano: 운동화
  • Norvegese: joggesko
  • Polacco: tenisówki
  • Portoghese Europeo: ténis sapato
  • Romeno: adidas
  • Russo: кеды
  • Spagnolo: tenis zapatos
  • Svedese: gymnastikskor
  • Thailandese: รองเท้ายาง
  • Turco: spor ayakkabısı
  • Ucraino: кросівки
  • Vietnamita: giày vải

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