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Definizione spagnola di "social networking"
Definizione spagnola di "social networking"
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NUOVO da Collins!
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The scale of abuse on the social networking website ask. Times, Sunday Times (2013)We have people looking at social networking sites. The Sun (2012)Social networking sites have transformed what was once lonely work. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Social networking helps people to stay in touch in ways they simply could not do before. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Other recruiters are known to use social networking sites. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Others use real information taken from people on social networking sites without their consent. The Sun (2013)Dozens of friends posted tributes to the photographer on social networking sites. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Just look at the social networking sites where people are telling their whole life story to strangers. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The former mill worker heard about the internet social networking site as staff chatted at the care home where she lives. The Sun (2008)It followed a twisted show of support for him on the social networking website Facebook. The Sun (2010)He posted footage of the incident on the social networking site Vine. Times, Sunday Times (2014)With a cheeky wink and a huge smile, she suggested she might be on the social networking site under an alias as well. The Sun (2012)It's very current, especially about young people and social networking. The Sun (2015)MORE than a third of people using social networking sites put themselves at risk of being burgled, a study claims. The Sun (2010)The organisers have recruited 3,200 protesters through social networking websites and intended to erect tents, kitchens and barricades. Times, Sunday Times (2011)But not any more, and especially not when it comes to the bane of my life: social networking. The Sun (2012)Since the incident, nearly 500 people have joined support and appreciation groups for the teacher on social networking websites. The Sun (2009)Details of emails, phone calls and activity on social networking sites would be stored, but not the message content. Times, Sunday Times (2014)And nearly 20 per cent said they waste more than five hours a day on social networking websites such as Facebook. The Sun (2010)He's now got more of a social networking life than I have. Times, Sunday Times (2013)


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