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Esempi di frasi che comprendono socio-political

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Others proffered various socio-political explanations. Times, Sunday Times (2018)But it is limited by its socio-political focus. The Times Literary Supplement (2013)Its argument, though, is predictable socio-political special-pleading. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Catalogue the socio-political ramifications of a sunset? Times, Sunday Times (2008)But this is no stuffy lecture on the current socio-political climate of the region. Times, Sunday Times (2010)One by one, all the socio-political boxes are ticked off. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The dialogue is clunkily over-earnest, the characters and socio-political background sketchy. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Of course, the reach of her socio-political observations is applicable to a wider world, including contemporary surveillance culture. Times, Sunday Times (2009)The degree to which poetry has taken its eye off the socio-political ball is rarely made so clear. The Times Literary Supplement (2013)Imagine trying to summarise the entire history, biology, geology and socio-political situation of the world in just one series. Times, Sunday Times (2008)

Traduzioni di socio-political

Inglese britannico: socio-political ADJECTIVE
Socio-political systems and problems involve a combination of social and political factors.
...sociopolitical issues such as ecology and human rights.


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