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Sinonimi di "toxic"
Sinonimi di "toxic"
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Definizione spagnola di "toxic"
Definizione spagnola di "toxic"
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There are trials of drugs to cut toxic protein that destroy healthy brain tissue. The Sun (2016)ONE of the City's biggest employers is considering using its stockpile of toxic debt to pay bonuses. Times, Sunday Times (2016)What was proposed was a toxic combination of financial and operational gearing. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Yet we know that what is natural can also be toxic and deadly to man. Times, Sunday Times (2012)He had already bet against as many of the toxic loans as he could. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Yet we know that trauma has a complex and highly toxic effect. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Many of the drugs were toxic and only marginally effective. The Times Literary Supplement (2012) Toxic chemicals may have been dumped in the nearby countryside. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The toxic effect of all four killed her. The Sun (2010)It is very difficult to confirm but it was definitely some toxic chemical. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Experiments with rats showed it had no toxic effects and lowered the blood pressure. The Sun (2013)Madrid will also ask two independent auditing firms to value the exposure of banks to toxic property assets. Times, Sunday Times (2012)These are all affected by nutritional balance as well as by drugs and toxic elements in the environment and diet. Chaitow, Leon The Beat Fatigue Workbook - how to identify the causes (1988)Toxic financial products that were all the rage until 2008 are back. Times, Sunday Times (2014)It had planned to insure up to 260 billion of toxic loans. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Because the disease behaves a bit like cancer, they reckoned toxic chemo drugs might help. The Sun (2007)That dynamic worked out poorly before the financial crisis as rating agencies happily gave their approval to toxic mortgage assets in exchange for very large fees. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Like a bank crashing under the burden of toxic debt, it's too big to fail. Times, Sunday Times (2010)And it was'a far less toxic and deadly opposition' than it could have been. Times, Sunday Times (2010)The move makes clear that profitable companies in Dubai fear being saddled with toxic debts from other government-owned businesses. Times, Sunday Times (2009)He said banks can lend more and improve their financial strength by dumping all the toxic loans they have, and possibly raise new capital over time. Times, Sunday Times (2012)America may have helped to plunge the world into economic darkness by feeding toxic financial assets into the banking systems of Europe and Asia. Times, Sunday Times (2009)

Tendenze di toxic

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Traduzioni di toxic

Inglese britannico: toxic /ˈtɒksɪk/ ADJECTIVE
A toxic substance is poisonous.
...the cost of cleaning up toxic waste.
  • Inglese americano: toxic
  • Arabo: سُمِّيّ
  • Portoghese brasiliano: tóxico
  • Cinese: 有毒的
  • Croato: otrovan
  • Ceco: toxický
  • Danese: giftig
  • Olandese: giftig
  • Spagnolo europeo: tóxico
  • Finlandese: myrkyllinen
  • Francese: toxique
  • Tedesco: giftig
  • Greco: τοξικός
  • Italiano: tossico
  • Giapponese: 有毒な
  • Coreano: 유독한
  • Norvegese: giftig
  • Polacco: toksyczny
  • Portoghese Europeo: tóxico
  • Romeno: toxic
  • Russo: токсичный
  • Spagnolo: tóxico
  • Svedese: giftig
  • Thailandese: มีพิษ
  • Turco: zehirli
  • Ucraino: токсичний
  • Vietnamita: độc


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