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'aeroplane: parts of an aircraft'

aerofoila cross section of an aileron, wing, tailplane, or rotor blade aerometeorographan aircraft instrument that records temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure aerostructureany separately manufactured unit, component, or section of an aircraft or other vehicle capable of flight afterburnera system of fuel injection and combustion located behind the turbine of an aircraft jet engine to produce additional thrust ailerona flap hinged to the trailing edge of an aircraft wing to provide lateral control, as in a bank or roll airframethe body of an aircraft, excluding its engines air-intakean opening in an aircraft through which air is drawn, esp for the engines airlockan airtight chamber with regulated air pressure used to gain access to a space that has air under pressureair scoopa device fitted to the surface of an aircraft to provide air pressure or ventilation from the airflow airscrewan aircraft propeller all-flying taila type of aircraft tailplane in which the whole of the tailplane is moved for control purposes altimeteran instrument that indicates height above sea level, esp one based on an aneroid barometer and fitted to an aircraft anti-icera device fitted to an aircraft to prevent the formation of ice arrestera mechanism of wires for slowing aeroplanes as they land on an aircraft carrier artificial horizonan aircraft instrument, using a gyroscope, that indicates the aircraft's attitude in relation to the horizontal astrodome or astrohatcha transparent dome on the top of an aircraft, through which observations can be made, esp of the stars athodydanother name for ramjetautopilotshort for automatic pilotauxiliary power unitan additional engine fitted to an aircraft to operate when the main engines are not in use basketthe structure suspended from a balloon black boxan informal name for flight recorderblistera transparent dome or any bulge on the fuselage of an aircraft, such as one used for observation bomb baya part of military aircraft where the bombs are stored bombsighta mechanical or electronic device in an aircraft for aiming bombs bulkheadany upright wall-like partition in a ship, aircraft, vehicle, etc cabinthe enclosed part of a light aircraft in which the pilot and passengers sit canopythe transparent cover of an aircraft cockpit cantilevera wing or tailplane of an aircraft that has no external bracing or support capsulean aeroplane cockpit that can be ejected in a flight emergency, complete with crew, instruments, etc chassisthe landing gear of an aircraft clamshellan aircraft cockpit canopy hinged at the front and rear cockpitthe compartment in a small aircraft in which the pilot, crew, and sometimes the passengers sit control column or control sticka lever or pillar, usually fitted with a handwheel, used to control the movements of an aircraft cowling or cowla streamlined metal covering, esp one fitted around an aircraft engine dashboardthe instrument panel in a car, boat, or aircraft drop tankan external aircraft tank, usually containing fuel, that can be detached and dropped in flight ejection seata seat, esp as fitted to military aircraft, that is fired by a cartridge or rocket to eject the occupant from the aircraft in an emergency elevatora control surface on the tailplane of an aircraft, for making it climb or descend elevonan aircraft control surface that combines the functions of an elevator and aileron, usually fitted to tailless or delta-wing aircraft empennagethe rear part of an aircraft, comprising the fin, rudder, and tailplane enginethe component of the propulsion system for an aircraft that generates mechanical power.engine podan aircraft turbojet unit comprising the engine and its cowling suspended by a pylon, often below the wing fairingan external metal structure fitted around parts of an aircraft, car, vessel, etc, to reduce drag fina vertical surface to which the rudder is attached, usually placed at the rear of an aeroplane to give stability about the vertical axis flapa movable surface fixed to the trailing edge of an aircraft wing that increases lift during takeoff and drag during landing flight deckthe crew compartment in an airliner flight recorderan electronic device fitted to an aircraft for storing information concerning its performance in flight. It is often used to determine the cause of a crash fuel tanka container inside a vehicle that holds fuel fuselagethe main body of an aircraft, excluding the wings, tailplane, and fin galleythe kitchen of a ship, boat, or aircraft gondolaa car or cabin suspended from an airship or balloon heat sinka layer of material placed within the outer skin of high-speed aircraft to absorb heat holdthe space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo horn or horn balancean extension of an aircraft control surface that projects in front of the hinge providing aerodynamic assistance in moving the control hydroplanean attachment to an aircraft to enable it to glide along the surface of water inclinometeran aircraft instrument for indicating the angle that an aircraft makes with the horizontal instrument panel a panel on which instruments are mounted, as on an aircraftjet enginea gas turbine, esp one fitted to an aircraft jet pipethe duct attached to the rear of a gas turbine through which the exhaust gases are discharged, esp one fitted to an aircraft engine joystickthe control stick of an aircraft or of any of various machines keelany structure corresponding to or resembling the keel of a ship, such as the central member along the bottom of an aircraft fuselage landing gearthe system of related parts on an aircraft or spacecraft used for support or mobility on land or water, including wheels, pontoons, shock absorbers, etc. landing lightslights used when a plane is landing or taking oflaunching shoe or launch shoean attachment to an aircraft from which a missile is launched longerona main longitudinal structural member of an aircraft main planeone of the principal supporting surfaces of an aircraft, esp either of the wings nacellea streamlined enclosure on an aircraft, not part of the fuselage, to accommodate an engine, passengers, crew, etc nosethe forward part of a vehicle, aircraft, etc, esp the front end of an aircraft nose wheela wheel fitted to the forward end of a vehicle, esp the landing wheel under the nose of an aircraft Pitot tubeshort for Pitot-static tube, esp one fitted to an aircraft poda streamlined structure attached by a pylon to an aircraft and used to house a jet engine (podded engine), fuel tank, armament, etc propellera device having blades radiating from a central hub that is rotated to produce thrust to propel a ship, aircraft, etc pulsejeta type of ramjet engine in which air is admitted through movable vanes that are closed by the pressure resulting from each intermittent explosion of the fuel in the combustion chamber, thus causing a pulsating thrust pushera type of aircraft propeller placed behind the engine pylona streamlined aircraft structure for attaching an engine pod, external fuel tank, etc, to the main body of the aircraft ramjet or ramjet enginea type of jet engine in which fuel is burned in a duct using air compressed by the forward speed of the aircraft rotora device having blades radiating from a central hub that is rotated to produce thrust to lift and propel a helicopter ruddera vertical control surface attached to the rear of the fin used to steer an aircraft, in conjunction with the ailerons slata movable or fixed auxiliary aerofoil attached to the leading edge of an aircraft wing to increase lift, esp during landing and takeoff slinger ringa tubular ring around the hub of an aircraft propeller through which antifreeze solution is spread over the propeller blades by centrifugal force spinnera streamlined fairing that fits over and revolves with the hub of an aircraft propeller spoilera device fitted to an aircraft wing to increase drag and reduce lift. It is usually extended into the airflow to assist descent and banking stabilizerany device for stabilizing an aircraft taba small auxiliary aerofoil on the trailing edge of a rudder, aileron, or elevator, etc, to assist in the control of the aircraft in flight tailthe rear part of an aircraft including the fin, tailplane, and control surfaces; empennage tailplanea small horizontal wing at the tail of an aircraft to provide longitudinal stability tailskida runner under the tail of an aircraft tailwheela wheel fitted to the rear of a vehicle, esp the landing wheel under the tail of an aircrafttrailing edgethe rear edge of a propeller blade or aerofoil trimtaba small control surface attached to the trailing edge of a main control surface to enable the pilot to trim an aircraftturreta similar structure on an aircraft that houses one or more guns and sometimes a gunner undercarriagethe assembly of wheels, shock absorbers, struts, etc, that supports an aircraft on the ground and enables it to take off and land waistthe middle section of an aircraft fuselage winga half of the main supporting surface on an aircraft, confined to one side of it wingleta small wing placed at the tip of the main wing of an aircraft and perpendicular to it, designed to reduce the aircraft's vortex drag wingtipthe outermost edge of a wing ▷ See aeroplane


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