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'car: parts of a car'

acceleratora device for increasing speed, esp a pedal for controlling the fuel intake in a motor vehicle; throttle air baga safety device in a car, consisting of a bag that inflates automatically in an accident and prevents the passengers from being thrown forwards alternatoran electrical machine that generates an alternating currentammeteran instrument for measuring an electric current in amperesanti-roll bara crosswise rubber-mounted bar in the suspension of a motor vehicle, which counteracts the movement downward on one side when cornering axlea bar or shaft on which a wheel, pair of wheels, or other rotating member revolves batterytwo or more primary cells connected together, usually in series, to provide a source of electric currentbearinga support, guide, or locating piece for a rotating or reciprocating mechanical part big endthe larger end of a connecting rod in an internal-combustion engine bonnetthe hinged metal part of a motor vehicle body that provides access to the engine, or to the luggage space in a rear-engined vehicle bootan enclosed compartment of a car for holding luggage, etc, usually at the rear brakea device for slowing or stopping a vehicle, wheel, shaft, etc, or for keeping it stationary, esp by means of friction brake lighta red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers brake padthe flat metal casting, together with the bound friction material, in a disc brake bucket seata seat in a car, aircraft, etc, having curved sides that partially enclose and support the body bumpera horizontal metal bar attached to the front or rear end of a car, lorry, etc, to protect against damage from impact camshafta shaft having one or more cams attached to it, esp one used to operate the valves of an internal-combustion engine carburettora device used in petrol engines for atomizing the petrol, controlling its mixture with air, and regulating the intake of the air-petrol mixture into the engine catalytic convertera device using three-way catalysts to reduce the obnoxious and poisonous components of the products of combustion (mainly oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and unburnt hydrocarbons) from the exhausts of motor vehicles chassisthe steel frame, wheels, engine, and mechanical parts of a motor vehicle, to which the body is attached childproof lockchokea device in the carburettor of a petrol engine that enriches the petrol-air mixture by reducing the air supply clutcha device that enables two revolving shafts to be joined or disconnected as required, esp one that transmits the drive from the engine to the gearbox in a vehicle coilthe transformer in a petrol engine that supplies the high voltage to the sparking plugs connecting roda rod or bar for transmitting motion, esp one that connects a rotating part to a reciprocating part cowlthe part of a car body that supports the windscreen and the bonnet cranka handle incorporating a crank, used to start an engine or motor crankcasethe metal housing that encloses the crankshaft, connecting rods, etc, in an internal-combustion engine, reciprocating pump, etc crankshafta shaft having one or more cranks, esp the main shaft of an internal-combustion engine to which the connecting rods are attached cylinder the chamber in a reciprocating internal-combustion engine, pump, or compressor within which the piston movescylinder headthe detachable metal casting that fits onto the top of a cylinder block. In an engine it contains part of the combustion chamber and in an overhead-valve four-stroke engine it houses the valves and their operating mechanisms dashboardthe instrument panel in a car, boat, or aircraft demistera device incorporating a heater and/or blower used in a motor vehicle to free the windscreen of condensation dipstick a graduated rod or strip dipped into a container to indicate the fluid leveldisc brakea type of brake in which two calliper-operated pads rub against a flat disc attached to the wheel hub when the brake is applieddistributorthe device in a petrol engine that distributes the high-tension voltage to the sparking plugs in the sequence of the firing order distributor capthe cap of an engine's distributor that holds in place the wires from the distributor to the sparking plugs doordrive shaftthe shaft that transmits power from the gearbox to the differential gearengineany machine designed to convert energy, esp heat energy, into mechanical workexhaustthe parts of an engine through which the exhausted gases or steam pass fan any device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or number of surfaces, esp a rotating device consisting of a number of blades attached to a central hubfan beltany belt that drives a fan, esp the belt that drives a cooling fan together with a dynamo or alternator in a car engine fascia (British)a less common name for dashboard fender (US, Canadian)the part of a car body that surrounds the wheels fog lampa powerful light for use in foggy conditions, usually positioned low down on the front or rear of a road vehicle fuel gaugean instrument in a vehicle that indicates how much fuel remainsgasketa compressible packing piece of paper, rubber, asbestos, etc, sandwiched between the faces or flanges of a joint to provide a sealgeara mechanism for transmitting motion by gears, esp for a specific purpose gearboxthe metal casing within which a train of gears is sealed gear lever or (U.S. & Canad.) gearshiftthe lever used to engage or disengage any of a number of sets of transmission gears to a motor, etc. glove compartmenta small compartment in a car dashboard for the storage of miscellaneous articles grille or radiator grillea grating, often chromium-plated, that admits cooling air to the radiator of a motor vehicle handbrakea brake operated by a hand lever hard topa vehicle that has a permanent rigid roofhazard lightsthe indicator lights of a motor vehicle when flashing simultaneously to indicate that the vehicle is stationary and temporarily obstructing the trafficheadlighta powerful light, equipped with a reflector and attached to the front of a motor vehicle, locomotive, etc headresta support for the head, as on a dentist's chair or car seat hoodthe folding roof of a convertible car horna device for producing a warning or signalling noise hubcapa metal cap fitting onto the hub of a wheel, esp a stainless steel or chromium-plated one ignitionthe process of igniting the fuel in an internal-combustion engine indicatora device for indicating that a motor vehicle is about to turn left or right, esp two pairs of lights that flash when operated or a pair of trafficators jacka mechanical or hydraulic device for exerting a large force, esp to raise a heavy weight such as a motor vehicle little endthe smaller end of a connecting rod in an internal-combustion engine or reciprocating pump locka similar device attached to a machine, vehicle, etc, to prevent use by unauthorized persons luggage racka rack for holding luggagemanifolda chamber or pipe with a number of inlets or outlets used to collect or distribute a fluid. In an internal-combustion engine the inlet manifoldcarries the vaporized fuel from the carburettor to the inlet ports and the exhaust manifold carries the exhaust gases away mileometer, milometer, or (U.S. & Canad.) odometera device that records the number of miles that a bicycle or motor vehicle has travelledmud flapa flap on a car, truck etc, to protect the vehicle from mud and debris numberplatea plate mounted on the front and back of a motor vehicle bearing the registration number oil filtera filter that removes impurities from engine oil oil-pressure gaugeoil pumpa pump that sends lubricating oil under pressure to the bearings and other lubricated surfaces of an engineparcel shelfa shelf (which is usually removable) inside a car, located behind the back seats, and used to store small items parking lightpedalany foot-operated lever or other device, esp one of the two levers that drive the chain wheel of a bicycle, the foot brake, clutch control, or accelerator of a car petrol capa small cover that goes over the hole in a vehicle into which you put petrolpetrol gaugea gauge that indicates the amount of petrol left in the tank of a vehicle petrol tanka tank for holding petrol to supply a vehicle pistona disc or cylindrical part that slides to and fro in a hollow cylinder. In an internal-combustion engine it is forced to move by the expanding gases in the cylinder head and is attached by a pivoted connecting rod to a crankshaft or flywheel, thus converting reciprocating motion into rotation pointsthe two electrical contacts that make or break the current flow in the distributor of an internal-combustion engine radiatorthe part of an aerial or transmission line that radiates electromagnetic waves rear light or (U.S. & Canad.) taillighta red light, usually one of a pair, attached to the rear of a motor vehicle rear-view mirrora mirror on a motor vehicle enabling the driver to see traffic coming behind him or herreversing lighta light on the rear of a motor vehicle to warn others that the vehicle is being reversed roofany structure that covers an organ or part satnava system that uses information from satellites to find the best way of getting to a place. It is often found in cars seat belt or safety belta belt or strap worn in a vehicle to restrain forward motion in the event of a collisionshock absorberany device designed to absorb mechanical shock, esp one fitted to a motor vehicle to damp the recoil of the suspension springs silencerany device designed to reduce noise, esp the tubular device containing baffle plates in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle soft topa convertible car with a roof made of fabric rather than metal spare wheela wheel with a tyre on it that you keep in your car in case you get a flat tyre and need to replace one of your wheels speedometera device fitted to a vehicle to measure and display the speed of travelsprocketa relatively thin wheel having teeth projecting radially from the rim, esp one that drives or is driven by a chain startera device for starting an internal-combustion engine, usually consisting of a powerful electric motor that engages with the flywheel steering column(in a motor vehicle) the shaft on which a steering wheel is mounted and by which it is connected with the steering gear steering wheela wheel turned by the driver of a motor vehicle, ship, etc, when he or she wishes to change direction. It is connected to the front wheels, rudder, etc sumpa receptacle, such as the lower part of the crankcase of an internal-combustion engine, into which liquids, esp lubricants, can drain to form a reservoir sunroof or sunshine roofa panel, often translucent, that may be opened in the roof of a car suspensiona system of springs, shock absorbers, etc, that supports the body of a wheeled or tracked vehicle and insulates it and its occupants from shocks transmitted by the wheels tailgatea door at the rear of a hatchback vehicle tailpipea pipe from which the exhaust gases from an internal-combustion engine are discharged, esp the terminal pipe of the exhaust system of a motor vehicle torsion bara metal bar acting as a torsional spring, esp as used in the suspensions of some motor vehicles towbar(in cars) a method of preventing wheels from spinning when traction is applied by limiting the amount of power supplied to the wheel traction controla method of preventing car wheels from spinning when traction is applied by limiting the amount of power supplied to the wheeltransmissiona system of shafts, gears, torque converters, etc, that transmits power, esp the arrangement of such parts that transmits the power of the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle trimthe upholstery and decorative facings, as on the door panels, of a car's interior tyrea rubber ring placed over the rim of a wheel of a road vehicle to provide traction and reduce road shocks, esp a hollow inflated ring (pneumatic tyre) consisting of a reinforced outer casing enclosing an inner tube universal jointa form of coupling between two rotating shafts allowing freedom of angular movement in all directionswheela solid disc, or a circular rim joined to a hub by radial or tangential spokes, that is mounted on a shaft about which it can turn, as in vehicles and machines wheel bracea tool used to loosen or tighten the nuts holding a vehicle's wheel in place wheel nuta nut which attaches the wheel of a vehicle to its hubwheel trimmetallic decorative trim over or around the wheels of a motor vehicle windscreenthe sheet of flat or curved glass that forms a window of a motor vehicle, esp the front window windscreen wiperan electrically operated blade with a rubber edge that wipes a windscreen clear of rain, snow, etc wingthe part of a car body that surrounds the wheels wing mirrora mirror on the wing of a car wing nuta threaded nut tightened by hand by means of two flat lugs or wings projecting from the central body ▷ See car


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