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  1. diciotto inv


  1. diciotto m inv
see five

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Exemplos de frases que incluem eighteen

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The prison diaries cover eighteen months.
The Times Literary Supplement (2012)
In the midst of his stint in the hospital, he spent eighteen hours driving an ambulance.
Paul Preston DOVES OF WAR: Four Women of Spain (2002)
It has claimed to have cut cultivation time from four years to eighteen months.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
It is, therefore, but eighteen days old.
Frederick Marryat The Children of the New Forest (1847)
On the floor of one of the cupboards was an iron chest about two feet by eighteen inches.
Frederick Marryat The Children of the New Forest (1847)
And eighteen hours ago by the time Conqueror gets your answer.
Admiral Sandy Woodward, With Patrick Robinson ONE HUNDRED DAYS (2003)
At some point after that summer, it wasn't good enough to have your single go in at number eighteen.
John Harris THE LAST PARTY: Britpop, Blair and the demise of English rock (2003)
The stone walls were two foot thick, with small windows whose wooden shutters were kept closed eighteen hours a day.
Glyn Williams VOYAGES OF DELUSION: The Search for the North West Passage in the Age of Reason (2002)
This block of ice is about eighteen inches square, and about twelve thick.
Gavin Weightman THE FROZEN WATER TRADE (2002)
It was then that he saw that the earth was only eighteen inches below his toes.
Len Deighton Bomber (2006 (1970))
Our average age was eighteen years one month.
Len Deighton Bomber (2006 (1970))
This day the wind came in gusts from the potato fields and orchards and the strongest gusts measured eighteen miles an hour.
Len Deighton Bomber (2006 (1970))
I lay in bed for eighteen hours a day for two years.
Richard Bath Notorious: The Maddest and Baddest Sportsmen on the Planet (2006)
So it came down to the difference between about five and eighteen months.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
The next eighteen months of family life flew by happily.
Christianity Today (2000)
Using eighteen inches as a standard, the ark would have been roughly the size of a soccer field, four stories high.
Bruce Feiler WALKING THE BIBLE (2001)
For eighteen days I was sick.
Thompkins, Peter, Bird, Christopher Secrets of the Soil (1990)
It was only eighteen months old, after all.
Jan Fennell FRIENDS FOR LIFE (2003)
We ended the last chapter with the glacial conditions that prevailed eighteen thousand years ago.
Francis Pryor BRITAIN BC: Life In Britain and Ireland before the Romans (2003)

Tendências de eighteen

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Inglês Britânico: eighteen /ˈeɪˈtiːn/ NUMBER
Eighteen is the number 18.
He worked for them for eighteen years.
  • Inglês Americano: eighteen
  • Árabe: ثَمَانِيَةَ عَشَرَ
  • Português Brasileiro: dezoito
  • Chinês: 十八
  • Croata: osamnaest
  • Tcheco: osmnáct
  • Dinamarquês: atten
  • Holandês: achttien
  • Espanhol Europeu: dieciocho
  • Finlandês: kahdeksantoista
  • Francês: dix-huit
  • Alemão: achtzehn
  • Grego: δεκαοκτώ
  • Italiano: diciotto
  • Japonês: 十八
  • Coreano: 18
  • Norueguês: atten
  • Polonês: osiemnaście
  • Português Europeu: dezoito
  • Romeno: optsprezece
  • Russo: восемнадцать
  • Espanhol: dieciocho
  • Sueco: arton
  • Tailandês: สิบแปด
  • Turco: on sekiz
  • Ucraniano: вісімнадцять
  • Vietnamita: mười tám


Tradução de eighteen do Collins Inglês para Italiano
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