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1. coisa fixa
2. (furniture) móvel m fixo
3. (sport) desafio, encontro

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Exemplos de frases que incluem fixture

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All the best bits from the weekend's league fixtures are online now.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
And remember, he is still adjusting to the physical demands and brutal fixture list in the Championship.
The Sun (2016)
And the next two fixtures may play a huge role in the club's destiny.
The Sun (2011)
And they held the Blues to a 1-1 draw in the same fixture last term.
The Sun (2011)
Below are five of the safest bets but check the fixture list before you commit.
The Sun (2016)
But it would also be unfair to single the goalkeeper out for criticism after a fixture in which City were so comprehensively outplayed.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
Careful scrutiny of the fixture lists will be required to see where your resources can best be deployed.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
Courses now decide fixtures for themselves.
The Sun (2009)
Defeat here after losing to Holland in their last fixture would be unthinkable.
The Sun (2014)
He is a husband and father again and the smile that seldom dared show its face is now a fixture.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
Norwich lost this fixture 6-2 last season.
The Sun (2016)
OPENING day Prem fixtures always throw up a few shock results.
The Sun (2009)
Proposals are in place to run fixtures local to the training centres as an adjunct to the entertainment.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
THIS fixture always serves up a treat and it did not disappoint again.
The Sun (2013)
That is one of the issues that makes tomorrow's meeting one of the most appealing on the fixture list.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The Potters foreign legion simply cannot get their heads round a festive fixture list that sees them in action three times in eight days over the holidays.
The Sun (2016)
The fixture duly took place coupled with a grand banquet at the Guildhall.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
This fixture always seems a good fit for Liverpool.
Times, Sunday Times (2015)
This fixture is always exhausting anyway.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
This fixture may have been over a quarter of a century ago but I can still hear the atmosphere ringing in my ears.
The Sun (2016)
We have a tough fixture at Bristol City and we need to approach things with the same mentality.
The Sun (2016)
When the fixture list is released, that really underlines what is ahead.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
When they look at those last four fixtures, they'll see reasons they could win each of them.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
I think we have about a million dollars' worth of furniture and fixtures here.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
That has long been forgotten as all-weather fixtures now take place all year round.
The Sun (2014)
The number of games for which the kit is worn is entirely down to the fixture list during the cycle.
The Sun (2012)
Their own domestic fixture timetables may be upset.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
But there is more to it than a less congested fixture list.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
They could improve the place with better fixtures.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)

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Inglês Britânico: fixture NOUN
Fixtures are pieces of furniture or equipment, for example baths and sinks, which are fixed inside a house or other building.
...a detailed list of what fixtures and fittings are included in the purchase price.
  • Inglês Americano: fixture
  • Português Brasileiro: móvel fixo
  • Chinês: > 固定装置房屋内如浴缸、马桶等的
  • Espanhol Europeu: mobiliario
  • Francês: installation
  • Alemão: Ausstattungsgegenstand
  • Italiano: impianto fisso
  • Japonês: 据え付け品
  • Coreano: 붙박이 설비
  • Português Europeu: móvel fixo
  • Espanhol: artefacto


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