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Sinônimos de confer

Sinônimos adicionais

in the sense of consult
to ask advice from or discuss matters with (someone)
The umpires consulted quickly.
in the sense of converse
to have a conversation
They were conversing in German, their only common language.
exchange views,
shoot the breeze (slang, US, Canadian),
korero (New Zealand)
in the sense of deliberate
to consider (something) deeply
The jury deliberated for two hours before returning with the verdict.
in the sense of discourse
to speak or write (about) at length
He discoursed for several hours on English prose.
in the sense of give
to grant or provide
a bill that will give extra rights to thousands of elderly people
in the sense of parley
to have a parley
Both sides indicated their readiness to parley.
in the sense of present
to give or offer formally
The queen presented the prizes to the winning captain.
hand over,
hand out,
put at someone's disposal
in the sense of talk
to discuss
Let's talk about these new ideas of yours.
hold discussions,
have a confab (informal),
chew the rag or fat (slang),
korero (New Zealand)
in the sense of vouchsafe
to give or grant
He vouchsafed them a little more brandy.
confer on,
favour someone with,
deign to give,
condescend to give

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