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in the sense of contrivance
the act or power of contriving
They wear simple clothes and shun modern contrivances.
in the sense of demur
to show reluctance
At first I demurred when he asked me to do it.
in the sense of design
an intention
Is there some design in having him here?
in the sense of device
a machine or tool used for a particular purpose
This device can measure minute quantities of matter.
contraption (informal),
widget (informal),
gizmo or gismo (slang)
in the sense of end
the purpose of an action
another policy designed to achieve the same end
in the sense of entity
something that exists in its own right and not merely as part of a bigger thing
the concept of the earth as a living entity
in the sense of focus
Food is the main focus of the book.
subject matter,
field of inquiry or reference
in the sense of function
the intended role or purpose of a person or thing
The main function of merchant banks is to raise capital.
in the sense of gadget
a small mechanical device or appliance
a handy gadget for slicing vegetables
in the sense of goal
an aim or purpose
The goal is to raise as much money as possible.

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