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Sinônimos de readily

Sinônimos adicionais

in the sense of gladly
The counsellors will gladly baby-sit during their free time.
with (a) good grace,
lief (rare)
in the sense of quickly
She turned and ran quickly up the stairs to the flat above.
at high speed,
apace (literary),
at full speed,
hell for leather (informal),
like lightning,
at the speed of light,
at full tilt,
at a rate of knots (informal),
like the clappers (British, informal),
pdq (slang),
like nobody's business (informal),
with all speed,
lickety-split (US, informal),
like greased lightning (informal),
at or on the double,
latstick (South Africa, slang)
in the sense of right away
without delay
I want to see you right away.
right off,
without delay,
without hesitation,
straight off (informal),
pronto (informal),
this instant,
in the sense of voluntarily
I would never leave this country voluntarily.
by choice,
without being asked,
without prompting,
lief (rare),
on your own initiative,
of your own free will,
off your own bat,
in the sense of with pleasure
`Could you put the advert in the post to us?' - `With pleasure.'
of course,

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