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Sinônimos adicionais

in the sense of drift
the main point of an argument or speech
She was beginning to get his drift.
in the sense of intent
something that is intended
a statement of intent on arms control
in the sense of path
the course or direction in which something moves
A group of reporters blocked his path.The tornado wrecked everything in its path.
in the sense of purport
meaning or significance
The purport of his speech was obvious.
in the sense of sense
specific meaning
a noun which has two senses
in the sense of substance
the essential meaning of a speech, thought, or written article
The substance of his discussions doesn't really matter.
main point,
sum and substance,
in the sense of tendency
the general course or drift of something
the government's tendency towards secrecy in recent years
in the sense of trend
general tendency or direction
a trend towards part-time employment
in the sense of way
a route or direction
Can you tell me the way to the station?

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