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Sinônimos adicionais

in the sense of generate
to produce or create
The minister said the reforms would generate new jobs.
bring about,
give rise to,
whip up
in the sense of produce
to bring (something) into existence
Cooking with spices produces a wonderful smell.
lead to,
result in,
occasion (formal),
make for,
bring about,
give rise to,
in the sense of prompt
to motivate or cause someone to do something
The recession has prompted consumers to cut back on buying cars.
occasion (formal),
give rise to,
call forth
in the sense of provoke
to bring about
His comments have provoked a shocked reaction.
lead to,
occasion (formal),
bring about,
give rise to,
call forth,
draw forth,
bring on or down
in the sense of start
to set or be set in motion
Who started the fight?
set in motion,
kick off (informal),
get going,
get (something) off the ground (informal),
enter upon,
get or set or start the ball rolling
in the sense of trip
He set the timer, then tripped the switch.
turn on,
set off,
switch on

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