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Sinônimos de unfold

Sinônimos adicionais

in the sense of divulge
to make known
He was charged with divulging state secrets.
make known,
spill (informal),
let slip,
blow wide open (slang),
get off your chest (informal),
cough (slang),
out (informal),
spill your guts about (slang)
in the sense of emerge
to become apparent, esp. as the result of a discussion or investigation
Several interesting facts emerged from his story.
become apparent,
become known,
become evident,
come out in the wash
in the sense of evolve
He evolved a working method from which he has never departed.
in the sense of expand
to make or become greater in extent, size, or scope
We can expand the size of the image.
in the sense of expand
to spread out
The flowers fully expand at night.
spread (out),
open (out),
stretch (out),
in the sense of explain
to make something easily understandable, esp. by giving a clear and detailed account of it
He explained the process to us in simple terms.
make clear or plain,
clear up,
put into words,
throw light on,
explicate (formal),
give the details of
in the sense of grow
(of a plant) to exist and increase in size
The station had roses growing at each end of the platform.
in the sense of happen
to take place
We cannot say for sure what will happen.
come off (informal),
crop up (informal),
transpire (informal),
see the light of day,
in the sense of illustrate
to clarify or explain by use of examples or comparisons
She illustrates her analysis with extracts from interviews and discussions.
sum up,
make clear,
bring home,
point up,
make plain,
in the sense of mature
to make or become mature
Their songwriting has matured.
come to fruition

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