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Sinônimos de "brace"
Sinônimos de "brace"
Definição Portuguesa de "brace"
Definição Portuguesa de "brace"
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Exemplos de frases que contêm brace

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Play was stopped for almost eight minutes as he was put into a neck brace and carried off. The Sun (2016)But he is now facing a longer period of rehabilitation after the brace was fitted to stabilise the joint. The Sun (2016)I was given a neck brace and painkillers and discharged. The Sun (2016)He was determined to continue reporting, although his producers insisted that his neck brace should not be seen on screen. Times, Sunday Times (2016)A leg brace was fitted last week to stabilise the problem but he has impressed medics so much it has now been removed. The Sun (2016)She smiles again as she braces her tiny body for the rigours of a new day. Times, Sunday Times (2009)She must wear a brace bolted to her skull for months. The Sun (2006)They tied a brace around his neck and slid a stretcher beneath him. Times, Sunday Times (2013)My first lunch after having the brace fitted was a rocket salad. Times, Sunday Times (2006)She wears leg braces and uses wheelchairs and crutches. Times, Sunday Times (2012)He still has to wear a metal head brace. The Sun (2007)The man in the brace position struggled back into an upright posture. Times, Sunday Times (2009)But this is not bracing winter weather either. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Return from bracing walks to candlelit dinners and log fires. Times, Sunday Times (2012)They are also braced for at least two more years of austerity. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Intelligence agencies are braced for another display of political muscle. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Each pilot braced himself to face a day which might bring death or horrible injury. Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)We must brace ourselves to bear a bit more reality. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Rome braced itself for air raids. Hebblethwaite, Peter Paul VI - The First Modern Pope (1993)In need of something more bracing? Times, Sunday Times (2007)I had a car accident two years ago and wear a back brace. The Sun (2014)Foster is already bracing himself for the stick coming his way when he joins up with the England squad tomorrow. The Sun (2007)He was rescued and taken to hospital in Moscow, where he was put in a body brace before flying home. The Sun (2009)The Mali striker grabbed a firsthalf brace to help the league leaders establish a club record NINE wins on the trot. The Sun (2014)

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Traduções de brace

Inglês Britânico: brace /breɪs/ NOUN
on leg A brace is a device attached to a person's leg to strengthen or support it.
They make wheelchairs and leg braces for children.
  • Inglês Americano: brace
  • Árabe: دِعَامَة
  • Português Brasileiro: braçadeira
  • Chinês: 支架
  • Croata: proteza
  • Tcheco: ortéza
  • Dinamarquês: bøjle tandbøjle
  • Holandês: beugel voor tanden
  • Espanhol Europeu: aparato ortopédico
  • Finlandês: tuki fyysinen
  • Francês: attelle
  • Alemão: Klammer
  • Grego: επιγονατίδα
  • Italiano: apparecchio ortopedico
  • Japonês: 突っ張り
  • Coreano: 버팀대
  • Norueguês: støtte
  • Polonês: klamra
  • Português Europeu: braçadeira
  • Romeno: proteză
  • Russo: ортез
  • Espanhol: abrazadera
  • Sueco: spänne
  • Tailandês: ที่รั้ง
  • Turco: destek bağ, kuşak vb
  • Ucraniano: скоба
  • Vietnamita: vật đỡ
Inglês Britânico: brace VERB
If you brace yourself for something unpleasant or difficult, you prepare yourself for it.
He braced himself for the icy plunge into the black water.
  • Inglês Americano: brace
  • Português Brasileiro: preparar
  • Chinês: 准备 >面对不愉快或困难之事
  • Espanhol Europeu: prepararse
  • Francês: préparer
  • Alemão: sich bereit machen
  • Italiano: preparare
  • Japonês: >備える困難や不快な事に
  • Coreano: 마음의 준비를 하다
  • Português Europeu: preparar
  • Espanhol: prepararse
Inglês Britânico: brace NOUN
on teeth A brace is a metal device that can be fastened to a child's teeth in order to help them grow straight.
  • Inglês Americano: brace
  • Português Brasileiro: aparelho
  • Chinês: 牙套 >面对不愉快或困难之事
  • Espanhol Europeu: brackets
  • Francês: appareil (dentaire)
  • Alemão: Zahnklammer
  • Italiano: apparecchioortodontico
  • Japonês: 歯列矯正器
  • Coreano: 치열 교정기
  • Português Europeu: aparelho dentário
  • Espanhol: aparato
Inglês Britânico: brace NOUN
brackets Braces are a pair of written marks {} that you place around words, numbers, or parts of a computer code.
  • Inglês Americano: brace
  • Português Brasileiro: chave
  • Chinês: 大括弧
  • Espanhol Europeu: corchete
  • Francês: accolade
  • Alemão: geschweifte Klammer
  • Italiano: parentesi graffa
  • Japonês: 中括弧
  • Coreano: 중괄호의 한 쪽
  • Português Europeu: chavetas
  • Espanhol: corchete


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