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Their civil union earlier this month was, needless to say, a chic affair. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Our civil union will no doubt be reported by the press. Times, Sunday Times (2008)In the context of civil union, the right to marry is nothing but symbolic. Globe and Mail (2003)Even though a civil union can carry all the rights and obligations of marriage, many people still insist on getting married. Globe and Mail (2003)It will even allow for civil union partners to be buried in the same plot of land - something barred under current law. (2004)Thousands more couples over the age of 35 are taking part in civil union ceremonies than those in their twenties. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Marriage, a time-honoured tradition with powerful symbolic associations, means much more, emotionally and socially, than the best civil-union contract. Globe and Mail (2003)In front of nine close friends and family members, the couple were joined in civil union. Globe and Mail (2003)Civil unions are an exclusively provincial responsibility. Globe and Mail (2003)


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