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Palavra do dia : faites vos jeux
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Exemplos de frases que contêm clamp down

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Mother didn't clamp down on him nearly hard enough if you ask me...' Jo inspected her beer bottle. Nicola Barker BEHINDLINGS (2002)I could feel myself lshivering slightly and had to clamp down hard on my teeth to keep them from chattering. Gagman, Maurice DOUBTFUL MOTIVES'One or two still seemed to be functioning, but I know the official party line is to clamp down on religious observances of any sort. Jack Higgins THE KEYS OF HELL (2002)

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Palavra pouco usada. clamp down está abaixo dos 50% de palavras comumente usadas no dicionário Collins

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Definição de clamp down do Collins Dicionário Inglês
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