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Most found the ship cramped and claustrophobic. Times, Sunday Times (2010)The human part of this ship is a made as small and claustrophobic as possible. Times, Sunday Times (2010)So does she not feel at all claustrophobic and cramped? Times, Sunday Times (2006)Does it sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic? The Sun (2013)It was very uncomfortable and claustrophobic - but it will look fantastic on screen. The Sun (2015)With one bound, disability leapt out of the claustrophobic world of politics. Times, Sunday Times (2012)It feels claustrophobic and dark, as though it guards its secrets closely. Times, Sunday Times (2013)MRI scanning no longer involves entering a giant tube that some people find claustrophobic. Times, Sunday Times (2008)I wanted to make the audience feel as uncomfortable and claustrophobic as the victim. Times, Sunday Times (2007)I feel claustrophobic and am pleased to leave. Times, Sunday Times (2008)To wake up on a foggy morning is to see a new mysterious world that has a cold, damp and claustrophobic atmosphere. Times, Sunday Times (2011)The bare bones of a claustrophobic thriller are ground into dust by some leaden direction in this uninspiring attempt at mining Misery territory. Times, Sunday Times (2010)As the sub heads out to sea, the cramped and claustrophobic tube becomes a pressure cooker when she faces a steel wall of hostility. The Sun (2015)They provide an evocative, if somewhat claustrophobic, experience. Times, Sunday Times (2011)His childhood was narrow and claustrophobic, confined to five blocks of Bayonne. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The atmosphere is claustrophobic; but the film's final twist is a letdown. Times, Sunday Times (2007)This is the claustrophobic, restricted world of our grandmothers' dreams. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Its world is claustrophobic, dark, dangerous. Times, Sunday Times (2008)London he finds claustrophobic - too many people he went to school with, who know too much about him. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Expect JC to ensure a thrilling and claustrophobic 3D experience. The Sun (2010)

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Traduções de claustrophobic

Inglês Britânico: claustrophobic /ˌklɔːstrəˈfəʊbɪk; ˌklɒs-/ ADJECTIVE
You describe a place or situation as claustrophobic when it makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy because you are enclosed or restricted.
They lived in an unhealthily claustrophobic atmosphere.
  • Inglês Americano: claustrophobic
  • Árabe: خَائِف مِنْ الَأمَاكِن الـمُغْلَقَة
  • Português Brasileiro: claustrofóbico
  • Chinês: 幽闭恐怖症的
  • Croata: klaustrofobičan
  • Tcheco: klaustrofobní
  • Dinamarquês: klaustrofobisk
  • Holandês: claustrofobisch
  • Espanhol Europeu: claustrofóbico
  • Finlandês: klaustrofobinen
  • Francês: claustrophobe
  • Alemão: klaustrophobisch
  • Grego: κλειστοφοβικός
  • Italiano: claustrofobico
  • Japonês: 閉所恐怖症の
  • Coreano: 밀실 공포증의
  • Norueguês: klaustrofobisk
  • Polonês: klaustrofobiczny
  • Português Europeu: claustrofóbico
  • Romeno: claustrofob
  • Russo: вызывающий клаустрофобию
  • Espanhol: claustrofóbico
  • Sueco: klaustrofobisk klaustrofobiskt
  • Tailandês: การกลัวที่อยู่ในที่แคบ
  • Turco: kapalı yer korkusu olan
  • Ucraniano: клаустрофобний
  • Vietnamita: sợ không gian hẹp


Definição de claustrophobic do Collins Dicionário Inglês
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