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Definição Portuguesa de "economically"
Definição Portuguesa de "economically"
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And I think it makes the country economically stronger. Times, Sunday Times (2016)By giving an equal voice to all, it empowers many of those who are disenfranchised economically or socially and who would not otherwise be heard. Computing (2010)In its original form, though, it epitomises a country that was economically thriving and confident in its global position. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Britain is a country that is economically and culturally open to the world. Times, Sunday Times (2014)London has got to remain socially and economically mixed. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The number of economically inactive is at a staggering eight million. The Sun (2009)We live in economically insecure and politically confusing times. Times, Sunday Times (2016)To be economically viable classes will have to be larger. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Some people who are made redundant get another job or become economically inactive. Times, Sunday Times (2009)They are economically sound and politically stable. Times, Sunday Times (2013)More than a fifth of the nation is classified as economically inactive. Times, Sunday Times (2010)The only glimmer of light is that the higher the oil price the more economically viable alternatives become. The Sun (2008)It is not economically viable and where technology is in cloud computing you do not need to do it. Times, Sunday Times (2010)And the actions that many of the key players must take will still remain economically and politically painful to implement. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Offers of resettlement were extended but only when it was politically and economically beneficial for the host countries to do so. Bramwell, Anna C Refugees in the Age of Total War (1988)Rising oil prices and concerns about the environmental impact of fossil fuels have made nuclear power politically and economically viable again. Times, Sunday Times (2010)So who are the economically inactive? Times, Sunday Times (2010)The postwar birth bulge was so large that it became culturally, economically and politically dominant. Times, Sunday Times (2013)To graft, pay their way and enrich the country culturally and economically. The Sun (2013)We pride ourselves on being socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Times, Sunday Times (2006)The country was economically in ruins, despite her rich resources. Grenville, J. A. S. The Collins History of the World in the 20th Century (1994)They are culturally, socially and economically crucial. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Nor will the country be economically worse off, despite the absurd predictions. Times, Sunday Times (2007)It is unaffordable, economically and socially. Times, Sunday Times (2010)On the face of it, it seems equally clear that the country continues to benefit both economically and culturally. Times, Sunday Times (2007)It's important culturally and economically, but there are challenges in terms of finding space. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Since the mid-1990s it has emerged both economically and culturally into one of the big cities of England. Times, Sunday Times (2008)

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