Definição de 'fat'

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Sinônimos de "fat"
Sinônimos de "fat"
Definição Portuguesa de "fat"
Definição Portuguesa de "fat"
Listas de palavras: "terms used in chemistry"
Listas de palavras: "terms used in chemistry"
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Pronunciation Playlists
Palavra do dia : schwarzlot
Palavra do dia : schwarzlot
Definição italiana de "fat"
Definição italiana de "fat"
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NOVO de Collins!
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Gramática de Aprendizagem Fácil em Inglês

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Exemplos de frases que contêm fat

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Or you can consume foods that will help you burn fat and exercise. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Could this be due to the animal fat which is one of its chemical constituents? Times, Sunday Times (2017)Why on earth should we have to line the pockets of the fat cats? The Sun (2016)To be absolutely free from animal fat vegans must use only freshly minted coins. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Hot houses make you fat and unhealthy. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Drink it regularly and the improved muscle cell regeneration will help the body to process fats and calories more effectively. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Cheese is high in fat, so go steady on it anyway. The Sun (2016)Fat tissue biopsies were done. The Sun (2017)If you don't eat enough, your body has no energy to burn fat. The Sun (2017)We also need some fat to help absorb the fat soluble vitamins. Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook (1988)Alcohol puts the brakes on fat burning. Times, Sunday Times (2015)They can lead to people becoming fatter and sadder. Times, Sunday Times (2010)WE'VE seen the splendour in which the energy fat cats live. The Sun (2014)Use low to medium fat cheese instead of full fat ones. Chaitow, Leon The Beat Fatigue Workbook - how to identify the causes (1988)Whole milk is the main ingredient which is high in fat. The Sun (2014)It takes more calories to maintain muscle tissue than fat tissue. Colette Harris, With Theresa Cheung PCOS DIET BOOK: How you can use the nutritional approach to deal with polycystic ovary syndrome (2002)Trim the chicken fat and skin at the edges. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The cream in this curry dramatically bumps up the calories and fat content. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Who can disagree that the whole compensation culture for fat cats is horribly unfair? Times, Sunday Times (2012)It blocks the action of an enzyme used to digest fat. The Sun (2011)Was it the obsessive pursuit of profits to pay fat dividends to shareholders? Times, Sunday Times (2009)The solution makes the fat easier to remove and reduces the likelihood of bleeding. The Sun (2007)Think about how to be fat in a good way. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Twenty one of the products in the survey had a lower fat content than declared. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Fat lot of good it did them. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The only fats in vegetables are those that you add. Mervyn, Leonard Preventing Heart Disease (1987)That is because men store fat around their bellies rather than around their hips like women. The Sun (2012)Their body fat dropped and muscle strength improved. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Anyone who has left a roast out knows that animal fats quickly form into a sticky solid. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Why do we have so much fat in our foods today? Christianity Today (2000)The answer was a big fat no. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

Sinônimos de fat

fatness, flesh, bulk, obesity
oil, cream, cheese, butter
large, rich, substantial, thriving

Listas de Palavras

terms used in chemistry

Tendências de fat

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Traduções de fat

Inglês Britânico: fat /fæt/ ADJECTIVE
A fat person has a lot of flesh on their body and weighs too much.
I can eat what I like without getting fat.
  • Inglês Americano: fat
  • Árabe: سَمِيـن
  • Português Brasileiro: gordo
  • Chinês: 肥的
  • Croata: debeo
  • Tcheco: tlustý
  • Dinamarquês: fed
  • Holandês: dik
  • Espanhol Europeu: gordo
  • Finlandês: lihava
  • Francês: gros
  • Alemão: dick
  • Grego: χοντρός
  • Italiano: grasso
  • Japonês: 太った
  • Coreano: 살찐
  • Norueguês: tykk
  • Polonês: gruby
  • Português Europeu: gordo
  • Romeno: gras
  • Russo: толстый
  • Espanhol: gordo
  • Sueco: tjock
  • Tailandês: อ้วน
  • Turco: şişman
  • Ucraniano: огрядний
  • Vietnamita: béo
Inglês Britânico: fat /fæt/ NOUN
Fat is a substance in many foods which your body uses to produce energy.
...low-fat yogurts.
  • Inglês Americano: fat
  • Árabe: دَسَم
  • Português Brasileiro: gordura
  • Chinês: 脂肪
  • Croata: masnoća
  • Tcheco: tuk
  • Dinamarquês: fedt
  • Holandês: vet
  • Espanhol Europeu: grasa alimento
  • Finlandês: rasva
  • Francês: graisse
  • Alemão: Fett
  • Grego: λίπος
  • Italiano: grasso
  • Japonês: 脂肪
  • Coreano: 지방 기름
  • Norueguês: fett
  • Polonês: sadło
  • Português Europeu: gordura
  • Romeno: grăsime
  • Russo: жир
  • Espanhol: grasa
  • Sueco: fett
  • Tailandês: ไขมัน
  • Turco: yağ
  • Ucraniano: жир
  • Vietnamita: mỡ


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