Definição de 'grin'

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Sinônimos de "grin"
Sinônimos de "grin"
Definição Portuguesa de "grin"
Definição Portuguesa de "grin"
Definição italiana de "grin"
Definição italiana de "grin"
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NOVO de Collins!
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Gramática de Aprendizagem Fácil em Inglês

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Exemplos de frases que contêm grin

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You can actually hear her saying it with a huge grin on her face. The Sun (2015)When no one else was around she would open her eyes and grin at me. The Sun (2012)We parents just need to grin and bear it. Times, Sunday Times (2012)She came back with a broad grin on her face. Jan Fennell FRIENDS FOR LIFE (2003)They may well be prepared to grin and bear that troublesome hip for just a little longer. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Usually of them lying on my side of the bed with knowing grins on their faces. The Sun (2013)They both had huge grins on their faces. The Sun (2016)The shine had gone from his eyes and his grin had vanished. Times, Sunday Times (2014)He took the stem of the pipe from his mouth and gave me a broad grin. John Cornwell Seminary Boy (2006)So we have no choice but to grin and bear it? Times, Sunday Times (2009)That must explain the huge grin on his face. The Sun (2009)The man across the way catches my eye and grins. Times, Sunday Times (2011)He then sat back and grinned. The Sun (2013)He was lying on his back with his mouth open, grinning from ear to ear. Times, Sunday Times (2006)There were smug grins, expectant smiles. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Again the crowd cheered, delighted grins plastered all over famous faces. The Sun (2015)When he sank his birdie putt, he pumped his fist to himself and grinned broadly. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Instead, the government is beginning to grin rather broadly. Times, Sunday Times (2013)He grins and he grimaces. Times, Sunday Times (2007)He smiled a mischievous grin as we watched it together and I pressed him further. Times, Sunday Times (2012)

Tendências de grin

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Traduções de grin

Inglês Britânico: grin /ɡrɪn/ NOUN
A grin is a broad smile.
She had a big grin on her face.
  • Inglês Americano: grin
  • Árabe: ابْتِسامَة عَريضَة
  • Português Brasileiro: sorriso largo
  • Chinês: 露齿笑
  • Croata: osmijeh
  • Tcheco: škleb
  • Dinamarquês: grin
  • Holandês: grijns
  • Espanhol Europeu: sonrisa burlona
  • Finlandês: virnistys
  • Francês: sourire
  • Alemão: Grinsen
  • Grego: πλατύ χαμόγελο
  • Italiano: ghigno
  • Japonês: にこにこ笑い
  • Coreano: 싱긋 웃음
  • Norueguês: glis smil
  • Polonês: grymas
  • Português Europeu: sorriso rasgado
  • Romeno: rânjet
  • Russo: усмешка
  • Espanhol: amplia sonrisa
  • Sueco: flin
  • Tailandês: การยิ้มอย่างเปิดเผย
  • Turco: sırıtış
  • Ucraniano: усмішка
  • Vietnamita: miệng cười toe toét
Inglês Britânico: grin /ɡrɪn/ VERB
When you grin, you smile broadly.
He grins, delighted at the memory.
  • Inglês Americano: grin
  • Árabe: يَبْتَسِم ابْتِسامَة عَريضَة
  • Português Brasileiro: sorrir arreganhando
  • Chinês: 露齿而笑
  • Croata: smiješiti se
  • Tcheco: zubit se
  • Dinamarquês: grine
  • Holandês: grijnzen
  • Espanhol Europeu: sonreír burla
  • Finlandês: virnistää
  • Francês: sourire
  • Alemão: grinsen
  • Grego: χαμογελώ ειρωνικά
  • Italiano: sorridere
  • Japonês: 歯を見せてにっこり笑う
  • Coreano: 싱긋 웃다
  • Norueguês: flire
  • Polonês: uśmiechnąć się szeroko
  • Português Europeu: sorrir arreganhando
  • Romeno: a rânji
  • Russo: ухмыляться
  • Espanhol: sonreír
  • Sueco: flina
  • Tailandês: ยิ้มยิงฟัน
  • Turco: sırıtmak
  • Ucraniano: посміхатися
  • Vietnamita: cười toe toét


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