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Some of us pay our own phone bills, you know. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Consumers fear that reduced competition in the mobile phone industry may force up their monthly phone bills, according to research. Times, Sunday Times (2016)In case you're worried, the phone number will not show up on your phone bill. The Sun (2016)ALMOST half a million young people often struggle to pay their mobile phone bill or top-up credit, a charity has found. The Sun (2016)Phone bills should normally be paid within four weeks of being issued. Tondeur, Keith Say Goodbye to Debt (1994)My boyfriend saw my mobile phone bill and accused me of cheating. The Sun (2009)Keep a close eye on your phone bill for any suspicious numbers. The Sun (2015)It will be taken directly from your phone bill. The Sun (2015)It will also meet half the phone bill. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Going through her phone bills is no basis for happiness for either of you. The Sun (2011)My phone bill is probably incredible. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Three calls doubled my month's phone bill. The Sun (2013)My phone bill had gone over 100 only three times in the past ten years. Times, Sunday Times (2011)It is free to use... just watch out for your phone bill. The Sun (2015)Monitor cell phone bills regularly. Christianity Today (2000)This can provide savings of hundreds of pounds a year on phone bills, particularly for users with close friends or family overseas. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Then I asked to see his phone bill. Times, Sunday Times (2009)I wouldn't like his phone bill. Times, Sunday Times (2006)I've got to pay the phone bill myself. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Their allowances are generous, but we expect the older two to cover most of their expenses themselves, including mobile phone bills. Times, Sunday Times (2015)As a last resort, I checked his phone bill and found thousands of text messages to the same number. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

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Traduções de phone bill

Inglês Britânico: phone bill /fəʊn bɪl/ NOUN
A phone bill is an account or bill for the charges for a telephone and line and for calls made from it.
  • Inglês Americano: phone bill
  • Árabe: فَاتُورَةُ الْتَلِيفُون
  • Português Brasileiro: conta de telefone
  • Chinês: 电话账单
  • Croata: telefonski račun
  • Tcheco: účet za telefon
  • Dinamarquês: telefonregning
  • Holandês: telefoonrekening
  • Espanhol Europeu: factura del teléfono
  • Finlandês: puhelinlasku
  • Francês: facture téléphonique
  • Alemão: Telefonrechnung
  • Grego: λογαριασμός τηλεφώνου
  • Italiano: bolletta del telefono
  • Japonês: 電話の請求書
  • Coreano: 전화요금 고지서
  • Norueguês: telefonregning
  • Polonês: rachunek telefoniczny
  • Português Europeu: conta do telefone
  • Romeno: factură telefonică
  • Russo: счет за телефон
  • Espanhol: factura del teléfono
  • Sueco: telefonräkning
  • Tailandês: บิลเก็บเงินค่าโทรศัพท์
  • Turco: telefon faturası
  • Ucraniano: рахунок за користування телефоном
  • Vietnamita: hóa đơn điện thoại


Definição de phone bill do Collins Dicionário Inglês
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