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Tradução de Inglês de isolar


verbo transitivo
1. to isolate
2. (electricity and electronics) to insulate
verbo intransitivo
(afastar mau agouro) to touch wood (BRIT), knock on wood (US)
isolar-se verbo reflexivo
to isolate o.s., cut o.s. off

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isolar em Outras Línguas

Inglês Britânico: cocoon VERB
If something cocoons you from something, it protects you or isolates you from it.
There is nowhere to hide when things go wrong, no organisation to cocoon you from blame.
Inglês Britânico: isolate VERB
To isolate a person or organization means to cause them to lose their friends or supporters.
Political influence is being used to isolate critics.
Inglês Britânico: maroon VERB
If someone is marooned somewhere, they are left in a place that is difficult for them to escape from.
He was marooned for a year on the island.


Tradução de isolar do Collins Português para Inglês
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