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'aeroplane: types of aircraft'

aerodyneany heavier-than-air machine, such as an aircraft, that derives the greater part of its lift from aerodynamic forces aerostata lighter-than-air craft, such as a balloon airlinera large passenger aircraft airshipa lighter-than-air self-propelled craft.amphibiana type of aircraft able to land and take off from both water and land autogiro or autogyroa self-propelled aircraft supported in flight mainly by unpowered rotating horizontal blades balloona large impermeable bag inflated with a lighter-than-air gas, designed to rise and float in the atmosphere. It may have a basket or gondola for carrying passengers, etc.biplanea type of aeroplane having two sets of wings, one above the other blimpa small nonrigid airship, esp one used for observation or as a barrage balloon bombera military aircraft designed to carry out bombing missions canardan aircraft in which the tailplane is mounted in front of the wing coleopteran aircraft that has an annular wing with the fuselage and engine on the centre line convertiplane, convertaplane, or convertoplanean aircraft that can land and take off vertically by temporarily directing its propulsive thrust downwards cyclogiroan aircraft lifted and propelled by pivoted blades rotating parallel to roughly horizontal transverse axes delta-wingan aircraft with a a triangular sweptback wingdirigibleanother name for airshipdive bombera military aircraft designed to release its bombs on a target during a steep dive dronea pilotless radio-controlled aircraft fighteran armed aircraft designed for destroying other aircraft fighter-bombera high-performance aircraft that combines the roles of fighter and bomber flying boata seaplane in which the fuselage consists of a hull that provides buoyancy in the water flying wingan aircraft consisting mainly of one large wing and no fuselage or tailplane freighteran aircraft designed for transporting cargo glideran aircraft capable of gliding and soaring in air currents without the use of an engine gyrodynean aircraft that uses a powered rotor to take off and manoeuvre, but uses autorotation when cruising hang-glideran unpowered aircraft consisting of a large cloth wing stretched over a light framework from which the pilot hangs in a harness, using a horizontal bar to control the flight helicopteran aircraft capable of hover, vertical flight, and horizontal flight in any direction. Most get all of their lift and propulsion from the rotation of overhead blades helicopter gunshipa large heavily armed helicopter used for ground attack hot-air balloona lighter-than-air craft in which air heated by a flame is trapped in a large fabric baginterceptor or interceptera fast highly manoeuvrable fighter aircraft used to intercept enemy aircraft jet or jet planea jet-propelled aircraft jetlinera commercial airliner powered by jet engines jumbo jeta type of large jet-propelled airliner that carries several hundred passengers jump jeta fixed-wing jet aircraft that is capable of landing and taking off vertically lifting bodya wingless aircraft or spacecraft that derives its aerodynamic lift from the shape of its body light aircraftan aircraft having a maximum take-off weight less than 5670 kilograms (12 500 pounds), that is designed to carry a small number of passengers or a small amount of goods. microlight or microlitea small private aircraft carrying no more than two people, with an empty weight of not more than 150 kg and a wing area not less than 10 square metres: used in pleasure flying and racing monoplanean aeroplane with only one pair of wings multiplanean aircraft that has more than one pair of wings night fighteran interceptor aircraft used for operations at night ornithopter or orthoptera heavier-than-air craft sustained in and propelled through the air by flapping wings rotaplanean aircraft that derives its lift from freely revolving rotor blades sailplanea high-performance glider seaplaneany aircraft that lands on and takes off from water skiplanean aircraft fitted with skis to enable it to land on and take off from snow Stealth bomber or Stealth planea type of US military aircraft using advanced technology to render it virtually undetectable to sight, radar, or infrared sensors STOLan aircraft that can take off and land in a short distance swept-wingan aircraft having wings swept (usually) backwardsswing-wingan aircraft with variable-geometry wings tankeran aeroplane designed to carry liquid in bulk, such as oiltriplanean aeroplane having three wings arranged one above the other troop carrieran aircraft designed for the carriage of troops turbofanan aircraft driven by one or more turbofans turbojetan aircraft powered by one or more turbojet engines turboprop or propjetan aircraft with a propulsion unit where a propeller is driven by a gas turbine VTOLan aircraft with a vertical takeoff and landing system warplaneany aircraft designed for and used in warfare zeppelina large cylindrical rigid airship built from 1900 to carry passengers, and used in World War I for bombing and reconnaissance ▷ See aeroplane


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