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'Bible: Books of the Apocrypha'

Tobita book of the Apocrypha relating this story Judiththe heroine of one of the books of the Apocrypha, who saved her native town by decapitating Holofernes 1 Maccabees2 MaccabeesWisdomEcclesiasticusone of the books of the Apocrypha, written around 180 bc and also called the Wisdom of Jesus, the son of Sirach Baruchthe book of the Apocrypha said to have been written by him Daniel and SusannaDanielthe book that recounts these experiences and visions (in full The Book of the Prophet Daniel) Song of the ThreeEsdraseither of two books of the Apocrypha, I and II Esdras, called III and IV Esdras, in the Douay Bible Manasseh ▷ See Bible


Lista de Palavras Bible: Books of the Apocrypha do Collins Listas de Palavras em Inglês
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