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'card: card games'

auction bridgea variety of bridge, now generally superseded by contract bridge, in which all the tricks made score towards the game baccarata card game in which two or more punters gamble against the banker beggar-my-neighboura card game in which one player tries to win all the cards of the other player beziquea card game for two or more players with tricks similar to whist but with additional points scored for honours and sequences: played with two packs with nothing below a seven blackjackpontoon or any of various similar card games bostona card game for four, played with two packs bridgea card game for four players, based on whist, in which one hand (the dummy) is exposed and the trump suit decided by bidding between the players canastaa card game for two to six players who seek to amass points by declaring sets of cards canfielda gambling game adapted from a type of patience chemin de fer or chemmya gambling game, a variation of baccaratcincha card game in which the five of trumps ranks highest contract bridgethe most common variety of bridge, in which the declarer receives points counting towards game and rubber only for tricks he bids as well as makes, any overtricks receiving bonus points cooncan or conquiana card game for two players, similar to rummy cribbagea game of cards for two to four, in which players try to win a set number of points before their opponents duplicate bridgea form of contract bridge, esp at clubs and in competitions, in which the hands are kept as dealt and played by different players. The partners with the highest average score are the winners écartéa card game for two, played with 32 cards and king high euchrea US and Canadian card game similar to écarté for two to four players, using a poker pack with joker faroa gambling game in which players bet against the dealer on what cards he will turn up five hundreda card game for three players, with 500 points for game gin rummya version of rummy in which a player may go out if the odd cards outside his sequences total less than ten points happy familiesa card game in which the object is to collect the cards (which display images of people) until you have a complete family heartsa card game in which players must avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades looa gambling card game montea gambling card game of Spanish origin nap or napoleona card game similar to whist, usually played for stakes old maida card game using a pack from which one card has been removed, in which players try to avoid holding the unpaired card at the end of the game ombrean 18th-century card game patienceany of various card games for one player only, in which the cards may be laid out in various combinations as the player tries to use up the whole pack pinochle, penuchle, penuckle or pinoclea card game for two to four players similar to bezique piqueta card game for two people playing with a reduced pack and scoring points for card combinations and tricks won pokera card game of bluff and skill in which bets are made on the hands dealt, the highest-ranking hand (containing the most valuable combinations of sequences and sets of cards) winning the pool pontoona gambling game in which players try to obtain card combinations worth 21 points quinzea card game with rules similar to those of vingt-et-un, except that the score aimed at is 15 rather than 21 rouge et noira card game in which the players put their stakes on any of two red and two black diamond-shaped spots marked on the table rubber bridgea form of bridge in which fresh hands are dealt for each round and the aim is to win a rubber rummya card game based on collecting sets and sequences seven-upa card game in which the lead to each round determines the trump suitskata three-handed card game using 32 cards, popular in German-speaking communities slapjacka simple card game snapa card game in which the word snap is called when two cards of equal value are turned up on the separate piles dealt by each player soloany of various card games in which each person plays on his or her own instead of in partnership with another, such as solo whist solo whista version of whist for four players acting independently, each of whom may bid to win or lose a fixed number of tricks before play starts, trumps having usually been decided by cutting spoilfivea card game for two or more players with five cards each stopsany one of several card games in which players must play their cards in certain sequences strip pokera card game in which a player's losses are paid by removing an article of clothing stud pokera variety of poker in which the first card is dealt face down before each player and the next four are dealt face up (five-card stud) or in which the first two cards and the last card are dealt face down and the intervening four cards are dealt face up (seven-card stud), with bets made after each round switchany of various card games in which the suit is changed during play trente et quarantea card game in which the players put their stakes on any of two red and two black diamond-shaped spots marked on the tablewhista card game for four in which the two sides try to win the balance of the 13 tricks: forerunner of bridge ▷ See card


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