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English translation of '传播'

传播 (傳播)


  1. disseminate

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'传播' in Other Languages

British English: spread /sprɛd/ VERB
reach a larger area If something spreads, it reaches a larger area.
The news spread quickly.
  • American English: spread
  • Arabic: يَنْتَشِرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: propagar
  • Chinese: 传播
  • Croatian: širiti se
  • Czech: šířit se
  • Danish: sprede
  • Dutch: zich verspreiden
  • European Spanish: extenderse
  • Finnish: levitä
  • French: s'étendres'épandre
  • German: verbreiten
  • Greek: διαδίδω
  • Italian: diffondersi
  • Japanese: 広まる
  • Korean: 퍼지다
  • Norwegian: spre
  • Polish: rozchodzić się
  • European Portuguese: espalhar-se
  • Romanian: a se propaga
  • Russian: распространяться
  • Spanish: extender
  • Swedish: spridas
  • Thai: แพร่กระจาย
  • Turkish: yayılmak
  • Ukrainian: розповсюджуватися
  • Vietnamese: lan rộng
British English: transmit VERB
When radio and television programmes, computer data, or other electronic messages are transmitted, they are sent from one place to another, using wires, radio waves, or satellites.
The game was transmitted live.

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Translation of 传播 from the Collins Chinese to English
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