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English translation of '假设'

假设 (假設)


  1. suppose
    ⇒ 假设这是真的,我们该怎么办? (Jiǎshè zhè shì zhēn de, wǒmen gāi zěnme bàn?) Supposing it's true, what should we do?

  1. hypothesis (pl hypotheses)

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'假设' in Other Languages

British English: suppose /səˈpəʊz/ VERB
You use suppose or supposing when you are considering a possible situation or action and trying to think what effects it would have.
Suppose you won the lottery. What would you do with the money?
  • American English: suppose
  • Arabic: يَظُنُّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: supor
  • Chinese: 假设
  • Croatian: pretpostaviti
  • Czech: předpokládat
  • Danish: formode
  • Dutch: veronderstellen
  • European Spanish: suponer imaginar
  • Finnish: olettaa
  • French: supposer
  • German: annehmen vermuten
  • Greek: υποθέτω
  • Italian: supporre
  • Japanese: 想定する
  • Korean: 가정하다
  • Norwegian: anta
  • Polish: przypuścić
  • European Portuguese: supor
  • Romanian: a presupune
  • Russian: предполагать
  • Spanish: suponer
  • Swedish: förmoda
  • Thai: สมมุติ
  • Turkish: varsaymak
  • Ukrainian: припускати
  • Vietnamese: cho là
British English: assumption NOUN
If you make an assumption that something is true or will happen, you accept that it is true or will happen.
I wrote as I did on the assumption that no one but myself would ever read it.
British English: hypothesis NOUN
A hypothesis is an idea which is suggested as a possible explanation for a particular situation or condition, but which has not yet been proved to be correct.
Work will now begin to test the hypothesis in rats.

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Translation of 假设 from the Collins Chinese to English
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