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English translation of '养育'

养育 (養育)


  1. bring up (pt, pp brought)

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'养育' in Other Languages

British English: foster /ˈfɒstə/ VERB
If you foster a child, you take him or her into your family as a foster child.
  • American English: foster
  • Arabic: يَتَبَنَّى يتبنى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: criar o filho de alguém
  • Chinese: 养育
  • Croatian: njegovati
  • Czech: vzít do opatrování
  • Danish: opfostre
  • Dutch: in het gezin opnemen
  • European Spanish: colocar en una familia de acogida
  • Finnish: kasvattaa kasvattilasta
  • French: prendre en placement
  • German: ein Kind in Pflege nehmen
  • Greek: ανατρέφω
  • Italian: prendere in affidamento
  • Japanese: 養育する
  • Korean: 위탁 양육하다
  • Norwegian: fostre
  • Polish: wychować
  • European Portuguese: criar o filho de alguém
  • Romanian: a adopta
  • Russian: воспитывать
  • Spanish: colocar en una familia de acogida
  • Swedish: fostra
  • Thai: เลี้ยงดูเด็ก
  • Turkish: koruyucu aile olmak
  • Ukrainian: всиновлювати
  • Vietnamese: nuôi dưỡng
British English: nurture VERB
If you nurture something such as a young child or a young plant, you care for it while it is growing and developing.
Parents want to know the best way to nurture and raise their child to adulthood.

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Translation of 养育 from the Collins Chinese to English
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