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  1. (= 达到) arrive
    ⇒ 火车到了。 (Huǒchē dào le.) The train has arrived.
    ⇒ 到点了! (Dào diǎn le!) Time is up!
    ⇒ 我是昨天到上海的。 (Wǒ shì zuótiān dào Shànghǎi de.) I arrived in Shanghai yesterday.
    ⇒ 到点了,起床! (Dào diǎn le, qǐchuáng!) Time to get up!
  2. (= ) go (pt went) (pp gone)
    ⇒ 我到厦门旅游。 (Wǒ dào Xiàmén lǚyóu.) I'm going to Xiamen on a tour.
  3. (用作动词的补语)
    ⇒ 听到这个消息我很吃惊。 (Tīngdào zhège xiāoxi wǒ hěn chījīng.) When I heard the news I was very surprised.
    ⇒ 老师没想到我们会来医院看他。 (Lǎoshī méi xiǎngdào wǒmen huì lái yīyuàn kàn tā.) Our teacher hadn't imagined we would visit him in hospital.
    ⇒ 真想不到他会离婚。 (Zhēn xiǎng bù dào tā huì líhūn.) I never would have thought he'd get divorced.
    ⇒ 你的要求我办不到。 (Nǐ de yāoqiú wǒ bàn bù dào.) I can't handle your demands.

  1. (= 周到) considerate

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'到' in Other Languages

British English: to /tuː; tʊ; tə/ PREPOSITION
You use to when you are talking about the position or direction of something.
She went to the window and looked out.
  • American English: to
  • Arabic: إِلَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: para
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: prema
  • Czech: do
  • Danish: til
  • Dutch: naar
  • European Spanish: a destino
  • French: pour
  • German: zu
  • Greek: προς
  • Italian: a
  • Japanese: ・・・に
  • Korean: ...으로 방향
  • Norwegian: til
  • Polish: do o przestrzeni
  • European Portuguese: para
  • Romanian: laindică destinația
  • Russian: к
  • Spanish: a
  • Swedish: till inte från
  • Thai: ไปถึง
  • Turkish: oraya, orada
  • Ukrainian: до
  • Vietnamese: tới

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