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  1. businessman (pl businessmen), businesswoman (pl businesswomen)

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'商人' in Other Languages

British English: businessman /ˈbɪznɪsˌmæn; -mən/ NOUN
A businessman is a man who works in business.
...a wealthy businessman who owns a printing business.
  • American English: businessman
  • Arabic: رَجُل الَأعْمال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: homem de negócios
  • Chinese: 商人
  • Croatian: poslovni čovjek
  • Czech: obchodník
  • Danish: forretningsmand
  • Dutch: zakenman
  • European Spanish: empresario
  • Finnish: liikemies
  • French: homme d’affaires
  • German: Geschäftsmann
  • Greek: επιχειρηματίας
  • Italian: uomo d’affari
  • Japanese: ビジネスマン
  • Korean: 사업가
  • Norwegian: forretningsmann
  • Polish: biznesmen
  • European Portuguese: homem de negócios
  • Romanian: om de afaceri
  • Russian: предприниматель
  • Spanish: empresario
  • Swedish: affärsman
  • Thai: นักธุรกิจชาย
  • Turkish: iş adamı
  • Ukrainian: бізнесмен
  • Vietnamese: doanh nhân
British English: marketer NOUN
A marketer is someone whose job involves marketing.
As a marketer I understood what makes people buy things.
  • American English: marketer
  • Brazilian Portuguese: marqueteiro
  • Chinese: 商人
  • European Spanish: profesional del marketing
  • French: marketeur
  • German: Marketer
  • Italian: chi lavora nel marketing
  • Japanese: マーケティング担当者
  • Korean: 마케팅 전문가
  • European Portuguese: comerciante
  • Spanish: profesional del marketing
British English: merchant NOUN
A merchant is a person who buys or sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports them.
Any knowledgeable wine merchant would be able to advise you.
British English: trader NOUN
A trader is a person whose job is to trade in goods or stocks.
Market traders display a selection of the island's produce.

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