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  1. complete

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'完成' in Other Languages

British English: finish /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ NOUN
The finish of something is the end of it or the last part of it.
I intend to continue it and see the job through to the finish.
  • American English: finish
  • Arabic: نِهَايَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: término
  • Chinese: 完成
  • Croatian: završnica
  • Czech: konec
  • Danish: afslutning
  • Dutch: voltooiing
  • European Spanish: final retoque
  • Finnish: loppu
  • French: arrivée
  • German: Ende
  • Greek: τέρμα
  • Italian: rifinitura
  • Japanese: 終わり
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: avslutning
  • Polish: koniec
  • European Portuguese: término
  • Romanian: sfârșit
  • Russian: конец
  • Spanish: final
  • Swedish: slutspurt
  • Thai: ตอนจบ
  • Turkish: son
  • Ukrainian: кінець
  • Vietnamese: phần kết thúc
British English: finish /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ VERB
When you finish doing or dealing with something, you do or deal with the last part of it, so that there is no more for you to do or deal with.
As soon as he'd finished eating, he excused himself.
  • American English: finish
  • Arabic: يُكْمِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: terminar
  • Chinese: 完成
  • Croatian: završiti
  • Czech: dodělat
  • Danish: slutte
  • Dutch: voltooien
  • European Spanish: acabar
  • Finnish: lopettaa
  • French: finir
  • German: beenden
  • Greek: τελειώνω
  • Italian: finire
  • Japanese: 終える
  • Korean: ...을 끝내다
  • Norwegian: avslutte
  • Polish: skończyć
  • European Portuguese: terminar
  • Romanian: a termina
  • Russian: заканчивать
  • Spanish: acabar
  • Swedish: avsluta
  • Thai: เสร็จสิ้น
  • Turkish: bitmek son bulmak
  • Ukrainian: закінчувати
  • Vietnamese: kết thúc
British English: fulfil /fʊlˈfɪl/ VERB
If you fulfil a promise, dream, or ambition, you do what you said or hoped you would do.
She fulfilled her dream of starting law school.
  • American English: fulfill
  • Arabic: يُنْجِزُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cumprir
  • Chinese: 完成
  • Croatian: ispuniti
  • Czech: splnit slib
  • Danish: opfylde
  • Dutch: vervullen
  • European Spanish: cumplir promesa
  • Finnish: täyttää toteuttaa
  • French: satisfaire
  • German: verwirklichen
  • Greek: εκπληρώνω
  • Italian: adempiere
  • Japanese: 果たす
  • Korean: 성취하다
  • Norwegian: oppfylle
  • Polish: spełnić
  • European Portuguese: cumprir
  • Romanian: a îndeplini
  • Russian: выполнять
  • Spanish: cumplir satisfacer
  • Swedish: uppfylla
  • Thai: ทำให้บรรลุผล
  • Turkish: gerçekleştirmek
  • Ukrainian: виконувати
  • Vietnamese: hoàn thành
British English: accomplish VERB
If you accomplish something, you succeed in doing it.
If we'd all work together, I think we could accomplish our goal.

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