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English translation of '封锁'

封锁 (封鎖)


  1. (= 断绝联系) block
    ⇒ 封锁经济 (fēngsuǒ jīngjì) impose an economic blockade
  2. (= 不能通行) seal off

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'封锁' in Other Languages

British English: block /blɒk/ VERB
To block a road or channel means to put something across or in it so that nothing can go through it or along it.
A tree fell down and blocked the road.
  • American English: block
  • Arabic: يـَمْنَعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloquear
  • Chinese: 封锁
  • Croatian: blokirati
  • Czech: zablokovat
  • Danish: blokere
  • Dutch: blokkeren
  • European Spanish: bloquear
  • Finnish: tukkia
  • French: bloquer
  • German: blockieren
  • Greek: εμποδίζω
  • Italian: bloccare
  • Japanese: ふさぐ
  • Korean: 막다
  • Norwegian: blokkere
  • Polish: zablokować
  • European Portuguese: bloquear
  • Romanian: a bloca
  • Russian: блокировать
  • Spanish: bloquear
  • Swedish: blockera
  • Thai: กีดขวาง
  • Turkish: tıkamak
  • Ukrainian: блокувати
  • Vietnamese: phong tỏa
British English: blockage /ˈblɒkɪdʒ/ NOUN
A blockage in a pipe or tunnel is something that is blocking it.
...a fatal blockage in the lung.
  • American English: blockage
  • Arabic: اِنْسِداد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: obstrução
  • Chinese: 封锁
  • Croatian: začepljenje
  • Czech: ucpání
  • Danish: blokering
  • Dutch: verstopping
  • European Spanish: obstrucción
  • Finnish: tukos
  • French: blocage
  • German: Verstopfung
  • Greek: αποκλεισμός
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 封鎖
  • Korean: 봉쇄
  • Norwegian: blokkering
  • Polish: blokada
  • European Portuguese: obstrução
  • Romanian: blocaj
  • Russian: закупорка
  • Spanish: bloqueo
  • Swedish: blockering
  • Thai: การปิดล้อม
  • Turkish: tıkanıklık
  • Ukrainian: блокування
  • Vietnamese: chướng ngại vật
British English: blockade NOUN
A blockade of a place is an action that is taken to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving it.
It's not yet clear who will actually enforce the blockade.
British English: blockade VERB
If a group of people blockade a place, they stop goods or people from reaching that place.
Truck drivers have blockaded roads to show their anger over new driving regulations.

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Translation of 封锁 from the Collins Chinese to English
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