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English translation of '报复'

报复 (報復)


  1. retaliate

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'报复' in Other Languages

British English: reprisal NOUN
If you do something to a person in reprisal, you hurt or punish them because they have done something violent or unpleasant to you.
There were fears that some of the foreign hostages might be killed in reprisal.
British English: retaliate VERB
If you retaliate when someone harms or annoys you, you do something which harms or annoys them in return.
I was sorely tempted to retaliate.
  • American English: retaliate
  • Brazilian Portuguese: retaliar
  • Chinese: 报复
  • European Spanish: tomar represalias
  • French: riposter
  • German: Vergeltung üben
  • Italian: reagire
  • Japanese: 仕返しをする
  • Korean: 보복하다
  • European Portuguese: retaliar
  • Spanish: tomar represalias
British English: revenge VERB
If you revenge yourself on someone who has hurt you, you hurt them in return.
The paper accused her of trying to revenge herself on her former lover.

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Translation of 报复 from the Collins Chinese to English
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