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English translation of '拍'


  1. (= 击打) beat (pt beat) (pp beaten)
    ⇒ 我拍掉了鞋上的泥。 (Wǒ pāidiàole xié shang de ní.) I knocked the mud off my shoes.
  2. (= 拍摄) shoot (pt, pp shot)
    ⇒ 他最近拍了一部电影。 (Tā zuìjìn pāile yī bù diànyǐng.) He's recently shot a film.
  3. (= ) send (pt, pp sent)
  4. (= 拍马屁) flatter

  1. (= 用具) bat (), paddle ()
  2. (= 节奏) beat

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'拍' in Other Languages

British English: slap /slæp/ VERB
If you slap someone, you hit them with the palm of your hand.
He would push or slap her once in a while.
  • American English: slap
  • Arabic: يُصْفِعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dar uma tapa em
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: pljusnuti
  • Czech: plácat rukou
  • Danish: give lussing
  • Dutch: meppen
  • European Spanish: pegar una bofetada
  • Finnish: läpsäyttää
  • French: taper frapper
  • German: schlagen Person
  • Greek: χαστουκίζω
  • Italian: schiaffeggiare
  • Japanese: ピシャリと打つ
  • Korean: 찰싹 때리다
  • Norwegian: klaske
  • Polish: dać klapsa
  • European Portuguese: dar uma bofetada
  • Romanian: a pălmui
  • Russian: шлепать
  • Spanish: pegar una bofetada
  • Swedish: slå örfila
  • Thai: ตบ
  • Turkish: tokatlamak
  • Ukrainian: ляскати
  • Vietnamese: tát

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