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English translation of '显示'

显示 (顯示)


  1. demonstrate

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'显示' in Other Languages

British English: display /dɪˈspleɪ/ NOUN
Display is the act of exhibiting or showing something.
The artist's work is on display at the National Museum.
  • American English: display
  • Arabic: عَرْض
  • Brazilian Portuguese: exposição
  • Chinese: 显示
  • Croatian: izložba
  • Czech: vystavení
  • Danish: udstilling
  • Dutch: tentoonstelling
  • European Spanish: exposición
  • Finnish: näyttö näyttöpääte
  • French: étalage
  • German: Ausstellen
  • Greek: επίδειξη
  • Italian: esposizione
  • Japanese: 展示
  • Korean: 전시 보여주다
  • Norwegian: utstilling
  • Polish: wystawa
  • European Portuguese: exposição
  • Romanian: expoziție
  • Russian: выставка
  • Spanish: exposición
  • Swedish: display
  • Thai: โชว์
  • Turkish: sergileme
  • Ukrainian: показ
  • Vietnamese: sự trưng bày
British English: display /dɪˈspleɪ/ VERB
If you display something that you want people to see, you put it in a particular place, so that people can see it easily.
Old soldiers proudly displayed their medals.
  • American English: display
  • Arabic: يَعْرِضُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: expor em exposição
  • Chinese: 显示
  • Croatian: izložiti
  • Czech: vystavit
  • Danish: vise
  • Dutch: tentoonstellen
  • European Spanish: exponer
  • Finnish: näyttää pitää esillä
  • French: montrer
  • German: ausstellen
  • Greek: επιδεικνύω
  • Italian: esporre
  • Japanese: 展示する
  • Korean: 전시하다
  • Norwegian: vise
  • Polish: pokazać
  • European Portuguese: expor
  • Romanian: a expune
  • Russian: показывать
  • Spanish: exponer
  • Swedish: förevisa
  • Thai: แสดง
  • Turkish: sergilemek
  • Ukrainian: показувати
  • Vietnamese: trưng bày
British English: denote VERB
If one thing denotes another, it is a sign or indication of it.
Red eyes denote strain and fatigue.

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Translation of 显示 from the Collins Chinese to English
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