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English translation of '标签'

标签 (標籤)


  1. label

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'标签' in Other Languages

British English: label /ˈleɪbl/ NOUN
A label is a piece of paper or plastic that is attached to an object in order to give information about it.
He peered at the label on the bottle.
  • American English: label
  • Arabic: مُلْصَقٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: etiqueta em roupas
  • Chinese: 标签
  • Croatian: etiketa
  • Czech: štítek nálepka
  • Danish: mærkat
  • Dutch: label
  • European Spanish: etiqueta
  • Finnish: etiketti pullon tms.
  • French: étiquette
  • German: Etikett
  • Greek: ετικέτα
  • Italian: etichetta
  • Japanese: ラベル
  • Korean: 라벨
  • Norwegian: etikett
  • Polish: etykieta
  • European Portuguese: etiqueta
  • Romanian: etichetă
  • Russian: ярлык
  • Spanish: etiqueta
  • Swedish: märke
  • Thai: ป้าย
  • Turkish: etiket fiyat vb
  • Ukrainian: етикетка
  • Vietnamese: nhãn mác
British English: tag /tæɡ/ NOUN
A tag is a small piece of card or cloth which is attached to an object and has information about that object on it.
The jackets still had their price tags attached.
  • American English: tag
  • Arabic: بِطَاقَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: etiqueta para identificação
  • Chinese: 标签
  • Croatian: oznaka
  • Czech: visačka
  • Danish: mærke
  • Dutch: etiket
  • European Spanish: etiqueta
  • Finnish: lappu hintalappu ym.
  • French: étiquette
  • German: Schild
  • Greek: ταμπέλα
  • Italian: etichetta
  • Japanese: 付け札
  • Korean: 꼬리표
  • Norwegian: merkelapp
  • Polish: metka
  • European Portuguese: etiqueta
  • Romanian: etichetă
  • Russian: ярлык
  • Spanish: etiqueta
  • Swedish: etikett märke
  • Thai: แถบป้ายบอกข้อมูล
  • Turkish: etiket bilişim
  • Ukrainian: етикетка
  • Vietnamese: nhãn hàng
British English: tab NOUN
paper A tab is a small piece of cloth or paper that is attached to something, usually with information about that thing written on it.
A clerk had slipped the wrong tab on his X-ray .

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Translation of 标签 from the Collins Chinese to English
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