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English translation of '码头'

码头 (碼頭)


  1. pier

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'码头' in Other Languages

British English: dock /dɒk/ NOUN
A dock is an enclosed area of water where ships are loaded, unloaded, or repaired.
She headed for the docks.
  • American English: dock
  • Arabic: حَوْضُ السُّفْن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: doca
  • Chinese: 码头
  • Croatian: dok pristanište
  • Czech: dok
  • Danish: dok
  • Dutch: dok
  • European Spanish: dársena dársena
  • Finnish: laituri satamalaituri
  • French: dock
  • German: Dock Schiff
  • Greek: αποβάθρα
  • Italian: molo
  • Japanese: ドック
  • Korean: 선거
  • Norwegian: havn
  • Polish: dok
  • European Portuguese: doca
  • Romanian: doc
  • Russian: док
  • Spanish: muelle embarcadero
  • Swedish: docka för båtar
  • Thai: อู่เรือ
  • Turkish: dok
  • Ukrainian: док
  • Vietnamese: bến tàu
British English: pier /pɪə/ NOUN
A pier is a large platform which sticks out into the sea and which people can walk along.
We walked along the pier.
  • American English: pier
  • Arabic: دَعامَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: píer
  • Chinese: 码头
  • Croatian: lukobran
  • Czech: molo
  • Danish: mole
  • Dutch: pier havenhoofd
  • European Spanish: embarcadero
  • Finnish: laituri rantalaituri
  • French: jetée
  • German: Pier
  • Greek: προκυμαία
  • Italian: molo
  • Japanese: 埠頭
  • Korean: 부두
  • Norwegian: brygge
  • Polish: molo
  • European Portuguese: pontão
  • Romanian: cheicheiul apei
  • Russian: пирс
  • Spanish: embarcadero
  • Swedish: pir
  • Thai: ท่าเรือ
  • Turkish: rıhtım
  • Ukrainian: пірс
  • Vietnamese: cầu cảng
British English: quay /kiː/ NOUN
A quay is a long platform beside the sea or a river where boats can be tied.
  • American English: quay
  • Arabic: رَصِيفُ الـمِينَاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cais
  • Chinese: 码头
  • Croatian: pristanište
  • Czech: nábřeží
  • Danish: kaj
  • Dutch: kade
  • European Spanish: muelle costa
  • Finnish: laituri
  • French: quai
  • German: Kai
  • Greek: αποβάθρα
  • Italian: banchina
  • Japanese: 埠頭
  • Korean: 선창
  • Norwegian: kai
  • Polish: nadbrzeże
  • European Portuguese: cais
  • Romanian: cheu
  • Russian: причал
  • Spanish: muelle embarcadero
  • Swedish: kaj
  • Thai: ที่ที่เอาเรือเข้าเทียบท่า
  • Turkish: iskele deniz
  • Ukrainian: набережна
  • Vietnamese: bến tàu
British English: wharf NOUN
A wharf is a platform by a river or the sea where ships can be tied up.

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