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English translation of '竞争'

竞争 (競爭)


  1. compete
    ⇒ 竞争上岗 (jìngzhēng shànggǎng) compete for a job

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'竞争' in Other Languages

British English: competition /ˌkɒmpɪˈtɪʃən/ NOUN
contention Competition is a situation in which two or more people or groups are trying to get something which not everyone can have.
There's been a lot of competition for the title.
  • American English: competition
  • Arabic: مُنَافَسَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: competição
  • Chinese: 竞争
  • Croatian: natjecanje
  • Czech: soupeření
  • Danish: konkurrence
  • Dutch: competitie
  • European Spanish: competencia
  • Finnish: kilpailu
  • French: concours
  • German: Wettbewerb
  • Greek: ανταγωνισμός
  • Italian: gara
  • Japanese: 競争
  • Korean: 경쟁
  • Norwegian: konkurranse
  • Polish: konkurencja
  • European Portuguese: competição
  • Romanian: competiție
  • Russian: соревнование
  • Spanish: competencia
  • Swedish: tävling
  • Thai: การแข่งขัน
  • Turkish: yarışma
  • Ukrainian: конкуренція
  • Vietnamese: sự cạnh tranh
British English: rivalry /ˈraɪvəlrɪ/ NOUN
Rivalry is competition or conflict between people or groups.
What causes rivalry between brothers?
  • American English: rivalry
  • Arabic: تَنَافُس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rivalidade
  • Chinese: 竞争
  • Croatian: suparništvo
  • Czech: rivalita
  • Danish: rivalisering
  • Dutch: rivaliteit
  • European Spanish: rivalidad
  • Finnish: keskinäinen kilpailu
  • French: rivalité
  • German: Rivalität
  • Greek: αντιπαλότητα
  • Italian: rivalità
  • Japanese: 競争
  • Korean: 경쟁
  • Norwegian: rivalisering
  • Polish: rywalizacja
  • European Portuguese: rivalidade
  • Romanian: rivalitate
  • Russian: соперничество
  • Spanish: rivalidad
  • Swedish: rivalitet
  • Thai: การแข่งขัน
  • Turkish: rekabet
  • Ukrainian: суперництво
  • Vietnamese: sự ganh đua
British English: vie VERB
If one person or thing is vying with another for something, the people or things are competing for it.
It is vying with other companies to capture a piece of the growing communications market.

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Translation of 竞争 from the Collins Chinese to English
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