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English translation of '缺席'



  1. be absent

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'缺席' in Other Languages

British English: absence /ˈæbsəns/ NOUN
The absence of someone or something is the fact that they are not there.
The letters had arrived in my absence.
  • American English: absence
  • Arabic: غِيَاب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ausência
  • Chinese: 缺席
  • Croatian: odsutnost
  • Czech: nepřítomnost
  • Danish: fravær
  • Dutch: afwezigheid
  • European Spanish: ausencia
  • Finnish: poissaolo
  • French: absence
  • German: Abwesenheit
  • Greek: απουσία
  • Italian: assenza
  • Japanese: 不在
  • Korean: 부재
  • Norwegian: fravær
  • Polish: nieobecność
  • European Portuguese: ausência
  • Romanian: absență
  • Russian: отсутствие
  • Spanish: ausencia
  • Swedish: frånvaro
  • Thai: การขาด ช่วงเวลาที่ไม่อยู่
  • Turkish: yokluk devam
  • Ukrainian: відсутність
  • Vietnamese: sự vắng mặt
British English: absent /ˈæbsənt/ ADJECTIVE
If someone or something is absent from a place or situation, they are not there.
He was absent from work for 35 days.
  • American English: absent
  • Arabic: غائِب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ausente
  • Chinese: 缺席
  • Croatian: odsutan
  • Czech: nepřítomný
  • Danish: fraværende
  • Dutch: afwezig
  • European Spanish: ausente
  • Finnish: poissa oleva
  • French: absent
  • German: abwesend
  • Greek: απών
  • Italian: assente
  • Japanese: 不在の
  • Korean: 부재의
  • Norwegian: fraværende
  • Polish: nieobecny
  • European Portuguese: ausente
  • Romanian: absent
  • Russian: отсутствующий
  • Spanish: ausente
  • Swedish: frånvarande
  • Thai: ขาด
  • Turkish: yok
  • Ukrainian: відсутній
  • Vietnamese: vắng mặt

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Translation of 缺席 from the Collins Chinese to English
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