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English translation of '营养'

营养 (營養)


  1. nourishment
    ⇒ 大病初愈,你要好好营养一下身体。 (Dà bìng chū yù, nǐ yào hǎohǎo yíngyǎng yīxià shēntǐ.) When recovering from a serious illness, you have to nourish your body well.
    ⇒ 水果中含有丰富的营养。 (Shuǐguǒ zhōng hán yǒu fēngfù de yíngyǎng.) Fruit contains a lot of nutrients.

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'营养' in Other Languages

British English: nutrition /njuːˈtrɪʃən/ NOUN
Nutrition is the process of taking and absorbing nutrients from food.
There are alternative sources of nutrition to animal meat.
  • American English: nutrition
  • Arabic: تَغْذِيَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nutrição
  • Chinese: 营养
  • Croatian: prehrana
  • Czech: výživa
  • Danish: ernæring
  • Dutch: voeding
  • European Spanish: nutrición
  • Finnish: ravitsemus
  • French: nutrition
  • German: Ernährung
  • Greek: διατροφή φαγητό
  • Italian: nutrizione
  • Japanese: 栄養物摂取
  • Korean: 영양소
  • Norwegian: ernæring
  • Polish: odżywianie się
  • European Portuguese: nutrição
  • Romanian: nutriție
  • Russian: питание
  • Spanish: nutrición
  • Swedish: näring
  • Thai: โภชนาการ
  • Turkish: beslenme
  • Ukrainian: живлення
  • Vietnamese: sự nuôi dưỡng
British English: nourishment NOUN
If something gives a person, animal, or plant nourishment, it gives them the food that they need to live, grow, and be healthy.
The mother provides the embryo with nourishment and a place to grow.

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Translation of 营养 from the Collins Chinese to English
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