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  1. (= 表达) express
    ⇒ 表示衷心感谢 (biǎoshì zhōngxīn gǎnxiè) express heartfelt gratitude
    ⇒ 表示歉意 (biǎoshì qiànyì) express regret
    ⇒ 举手表示赞成 (jǔshǒu biǎoshì zànchéng) raise one's hand to express approval
  2. (= 显示) indicate
    ⇒ 路上结冰了,表示温度是零下。 (Lù shang jiébīng le, biǎoshì wēndù shì líng xià.) The road is iced up, which indicates that the temperature is below zero.

  1. (= 言行或表情) gesture
    ⇒ 他们不友好的表示激怒了我们。 (Tāmen bù yǒuhǎo de biǎoshì jīnùle wǒmen.) Their unfriendly gesture infuriated us.
  2. (= 意见) attitude
    ⇒ 对于这个决定,他还未做明确的表示。 (Duìyú zhège juédìng, tā hái wèi zuò míngquè de biǎoshì.) He still hasn't given a clear indication of his attitude towards the decision.

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'表示' in Other Languages

British English: show /ʃəʊ/ NOUN
A show of a feeling is an attempt by someone to make it clear that they have that feeling.
Workers gathered in the city centre in a show of support for the government.
  • American English: show
  • Arabic: مَعْرِض
  • Brazilian Portuguese: demonstração
  • Chinese: 表示
  • Croatian: iskaz
  • Czech: projev citů apod.
  • Danish: demonstrering
  • Dutch: vertoon
  • European Spanish: espectáculo
  • Finnish: näytös
  • French: spectacle
  • German: Vorstellung Theater
  • Greek: έκφραση
  • Italian: manifestazione
  • Japanese: ショー
  • Korean: 표시
  • Norwegian: forestilling
  • Polish: widowisko
  • European Portuguese: demonstração
  • Romanian: demonstrație
  • Russian: показ
  • Spanish: espectáculo
  • Swedish: show
  • Thai: การแสดง
  • Turkish: gösteri eğlence
  • Ukrainian: показ
  • Vietnamese: buổi biểu diễn
British English: signify VERB
If an event, a sign, or a symbol signifies something, it is a sign of that thing or represents that thing.
One quarter's results don't signify a permanent shift.

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Translation of 表示 from the Collins Chinese to English
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