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English translation of '财富'

财富 (財富)


  1. wealth

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'财富' in Other Languages

British English: fortune /ˈfɔːtʃən/ NOUN
You can refer to a large sum of money as a fortune or a smallfortune to emphasize how large it is.
He made a small fortune in the property boom.
  • American English: fortune
  • Arabic: ثَرْوَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fortuna
  • Chinese: 财富
  • Croatian: bogatstvo
  • Czech: majlant spousta peněz
  • Danish: formue
  • Dutch: fortuin
  • European Spanish: fortuna
  • Finnish: omaisuus
  • French: chance
  • German: Vermögen
  • Greek: τύχη
  • Italian: fortuna
  • Japanese: 大金
  • Korean: 재산
  • Norwegian: formue
  • Polish: fortuna
  • European Portuguese: fortuna
  • Romanian: avere
  • Russian: состояние
  • Spanish: fortuna
  • Swedish: förmögenhet
  • Thai: ทรัพย์สมบัติมากมาย
  • Turkish: servet
  • Ukrainian: статок
  • Vietnamese: tài sản to lớn
British English: means /miːnz/ NOUN
You can refer to the money that someone has as their means.
The service is available to all, regardless of means.
  • American English: means
  • Arabic: وَسَائِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: meios
  • Chinese: 财富
  • Croatian: sredstva
  • Czech: prostředky
  • Danish: middel
  • Dutch: inkomen
  • European Spanish: medio recurso
  • Finnish: väline
  • French: moyens
  • German: Mittel
  • Greek: τα μέσα
  • Italian: mezzi
  • Japanese: 手段
  • Korean: 수단
  • Norwegian: midler
  • Polish: środki
  • European Portuguese: meios
  • Romanian: posibilități financiare
  • Russian: средства
  • Spanish: medio método para obtener un resultado
  • Swedish: medel sätt
  • Thai: วิธี
  • Turkish: yol
  • Ukrainian: статки
  • Vietnamese: phương tiện
British English: wealth /wɛlθ/ NOUN
Wealth is a large amount of money or property owned by someone, or the possession of it.
His own wealth increased.
  • American English: wealth
  • Arabic: ثَرْوَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: riqueza
  • Chinese: 财富
  • Croatian: bogatstvo
  • Czech: bohatství
  • Danish: rigdom
  • Dutch: rijkdom
  • European Spanish: riqueza
  • Finnish: vauraus
  • French: richesse
  • German: Reichtum
  • Greek: πλούτος
  • Italian: ricchezze
  • Japanese: 富裕
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: rikdom
  • Polish: bogactwo
  • European Portuguese: riqueza
  • Romanian: avere
  • Russian: богатство
  • Spanish: riqueza
  • Swedish: förmögenhet
  • Thai: ความร่ำรวยมั่งคั่ง
  • Turkish: varlık zenginlik
  • Ukrainian: статок
  • Vietnamese: sự giàu có

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Translation of 财富 from the Collins Chinese to English
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