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  1. restrict
    ⇒ 这种产品出口有限制。 (Zhè zhǒng chǎnpǐn chūkǒu yǒu xiànzhì.) There are restrictions on the export of this kind of product.

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'限制' in Other Languages

British English: restrict /rɪˈstrɪkt/ VERB
If you restrict something, you put a limit on it to stop it becoming too large.
Laws were passed to restrict foreign imports.
  • American English: restrict
  • Arabic: يُقَيِّدُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: restringir
  • Chinese: 限制
  • Croatian: ograničiti
  • Czech: omezit
  • Danish: begrænse
  • Dutch: beperken
  • European Spanish: restringir
  • Finnish: rajoittaa
  • French: restreindre
  • German: einschränken
  • Greek: περιορίζω
  • Italian: limitare
  • Japanese: 制限する
  • Korean: 제한하다
  • Norwegian: begrense
  • Polish: ograniczyć
  • European Portuguese: restringir
  • Romanian: a limita
  • Russian: ограничивать
  • Spanish: restringir
  • Swedish: begränsa
  • Thai: จำกัด
  • Turkish: sınırlamak
  • Ukrainian: обмежувати
  • Vietnamese: hạn chế
British English: constrain VERB
To constrain someone or something means to limit their development or force them to behave in a particular way.
We are constrained by a lack of funding.
British English: constraint NOUN
A constraint is something that limits or controls what you can do.
Their decision to abandon the trip was made because of financial constraints.
British English: limit VERB
If you limit something, you prevent it from becoming greater than a particular amount or degree.
He limited payments on the country's foreign debt.
British English: limitation NOUN
The limitation of something is the act or process of controlling or reducing it.
All the talk had been about the limitation of nuclear weapons.
British English: restraint NOUN
calm Restraint is calm, controlled, and unemotional behavior.
They behaved with more restraint than I'd expected.

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Translation of 限制 from the Collins Chinese to English
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