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[ˈlaɪt ]
1.  [of sun, lamp] lumière f
artificial light la lumière artificielle
there’s light at the end of the tunnel on voit le bout du tunnel
2.  (indicating exposure, revelation)
to come to light (become known) [fact, information] être mis(e) mise au jour
it has come to light that ... il s’est avéré que ...
It has come to light that he was lying. Il s’est avéré qu’il mentait.
to be brought to light [fact, information] être mis(e) mise au jour
The truth is unlikely to be brought to light by the enquiry. Il est peu probable que l’enquête fasse émerger la vérité.
to cast light on sth, to shed light on sth (clarify) éclaircir qchéclairer qch
This casts light on a problem which I mentioned last year. Cela éclaire le problème que j’ai mentionné l’année dernière.
to cast a new light on sth apporter un nouvel éclairage sur qch
to throw light on sth éclaircir qchéclairer qch
in the light of sth (given) à la lumière de qch
In the light of this information it is now possible to identify a number of key issues. On peut maintenant, à la lumière de cette information, identifier un certain nombre de problèmes clés.
light dawned on me (at last I understood) la lumière se fit dans mon esprit
3.  (aspect)
to present sth in a favourable light présenter qch sous un jour favorable
in a better light sous un meilleur jour
4.  (daylight) lumière f
at first light (daybreak) aux premières lueurs du jour
5.  (lamp) lumière f
There’s a light by my bed. Il y a une lampe près de mon lit.Il y a une lumière près de mon lit
Do you need a light? Tu as besoin d’une lumière ?
to switch on the light, to turn the light on allumer la lumière
to switch off the light, to turn the light off éteindre la lumière
The janitor comes round to turn the lights off. Le gardien passe pour éteindre les lumières.
to go out like a light (informal) (fall asleep quickly) s’endormir en un clin d’œil
6.  (traffic light) feu m
the lights les feux
7.  (headlamp) phare m
8.  (for cigarette)
have you got a light? avez-vous du feu ?
9.  (fire)
to set light to sth (mainly Britain) mettre le feu à qch
transitive verbWord forms: past tense, past participle lighted or lit
1.  [candle, cigarette, fire] allumer
2.  [room] éclairer
1.  (not dark) [colour] clair(e)
a light blue sweater un pull bleu clair
a light blue shirt une chemise bleu clair
2.  (full of light) [room] lumineux/euse
3.  (not night)
to be light faire jour
It was still light when we arrived. Il faisait encore jour lorsque nous sommes arrivés.
4.  (not heavy)
[clothes] léger/ère
[metal] léger/ère
[rain] léger/ère
[sleep] léger/ère
[traffic] fluide
The traffic is usually lighter on Sundays. La circulation est habituellement plus fluide le dimanche.
There was a light knock at the door. On entendit frapper doucement à la porte.
a light jacket une veste légère
a light meal un repas léger
5.  (not severe) [sentence] léger/ère
6.  (not serious) [music, novel] léger/ère
on a lighter note ... (to turn to something less serious) sur une note plus légère ...
Let’s finish on a lighter note. Finissons sur une note plus légère.
to make light of sth (present as unimportant) prendre qch à la légèrefaire peu de cas de qch
[travel] légeravec peu de bagages
I prefer to travel light. Je préfère voyager léger.Je préfère voyager avec peu de bagages.
Phrasal verbs
light up

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Example Sentences Including 'light'

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Her face was clearly visible in the light from the open van door.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)
She turned her head, ignoring the pain the movement caused as the square of bright light intruded.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
There was no street light here; the closest was at least thirty or forty metres up the street.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2001)
He was dressed in golden armour that glittered in the dull afternoon light.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)

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'light' in Other Languages

British English: light /laɪt/ ADJECTIVE
weighing little Something that is light is not heavy.
The chair is quite light so we can move it if we want to.
  • American English: light not heavy
  • Arabic: خَفِيفٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: leve
  • Chinese: 轻的
  • Croatian: lagan
  • Czech: lehký
  • Danish: let
  • Dutch: licht niet zwaar
  • European Spanish: ligero
  • Finnish: kevyt
  • French: léger
  • German: leicht Gewicht
  • Greek: ελαφρύς
  • Italian: leggero
  • Japanese: 軽い not heavy
  • Korean: 가벼운
  • Norwegian: lett
  • Polish: lekki
  • European Portuguese: leve
  • Romanian: ușor
  • Russian: легкий
  • Spanish: ligero
  • Swedish: lätt inte tung
  • Thai: เบา
  • Turkish: hafif
  • Ukrainian: легкий
  • Vietnamese: nhẹ
British English: light /laɪt/ ADJECTIVE
bright If a place is light, it is bright because of the sun or lamps.
It gets light at about 6 in the morning.
  • American English: light not dark
  • Arabic: مُضِيءٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: claro
  • Chinese: 明亮的
  • Croatian: svijetao
  • Czech: světlý
  • Danish: lys ikke mørk
  • Dutch: licht niet donker
  • European Spanish: claro
  • Finnish: valoisa
  • French: clair contraire de sombre
  • German: hell
  • Greek: φωτεινός
  • Italian: chiaro
  • Japanese: 明るい not dark
  • Korean: 밝은
  • Norwegian: lys
  • Polish: jasny nie ciemny
  • European Portuguese: claro
  • Romanian: luminat
  • Russian: светлый
  • Spanish: claro no subido de tinte
  • Swedish: ljus
  • Thai: สว่าง
  • Turkish: açık renk
  • Ukrainian: світлий
  • Vietnamese: sáng màu
British English: light /laɪt/ NOUN
sun Light is the bright energy that comes from the sun, that lets you see things.
A little light comes into the room through the thin curtains.
  • American English: light
  • Arabic: ضَوْءٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: luz
  • Chinese: 光亮
  • Croatian: svjetlo
  • Czech: světlo
  • Danish: lys belysning
  • Dutch: licht
  • European Spanish: luz
  • Finnish: valo
  • French: lumière
  • German: Licht
  • Greek: φως
  • Italian: luce
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: lys
  • Polish: światło
  • European Portuguese: luz
  • Romanian: lumină
  • Russian: свет
  • Spanish: luz
  • Swedish: ljus
  • Thai: แสงสว่าง
  • Turkish: ışık
  • Ukrainian: світло
  • Vietnamese: ánh sáng
British English: light /laɪt/ VERB
When you light a fire, it starts burning.
We used a whole box of matches to light the fire.
  • American English: light
  • Arabic: يُضِيئُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: acender
  • Chinese: 点燃
  • Croatian: upaliti
  • Czech: zapálit
  • Danish: oplyse
  • Dutch: ontbranden
  • European Spanish: iluminar
  • Finnish: valaista
  • French: allumer
  • German: beleuchten
  • Greek: φωτίζω
  • Italian: illuminare
  • Japanese: ともす
  • Korean: 불을 붙이다
  • Norwegian: lyse
  • Polish: zapalić
  • European Portuguese: iluminar
  • Romanian: a aprinde
  • Russian: зажигать
  • Spanish: encender
  • Swedish: tända
  • Thai: จุดไฟ
  • Turkish: yakmak ışık
  • Ukrainian: запалювати
  • Vietnamese: thắp sáng
British English: light /laɪt/ NOUN
lamp A light is something, like a lamp, that allows you to see.
There was only one small light in the room.
  • American English: light
  • Arabic: ضَوْء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: luz
  • Chinese: 光源
  • Croatian: svjetlo
  • Czech: světlolampa
  • Danish: lys
  • Dutch: lamp
  • European Spanish: luz
  • Finnish: valo
  • French: lampe
  • German: Licht
  • Greek: φως
  • Italian: luce
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: lys
  • Polish: lampka
  • European Portuguese: luz
  • Romanian: lumină
  • Russian: светильник
  • Spanish: luz
  • Swedish: lyse
  • Thai: แสง
  • Turkish: ışık
  • Ukrainian: джерело світла
  • Vietnamese: ánh sáng
British English: light /laɪt/ ADJECTIVE
pale A light colour is pale.
His shirt was light blue.
  • American English: light
  • Arabic: فَاتِـح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: claro
  • Chinese: 淡的
  • Croatian: svijetlao
  • Czech: světlý
  • Danish: lyse-
  • Dutch: licht
  • European Spanish: claro
  • Finnish: vaalea
  • French: claircouleur
  • German: hell
  • Greek: απαλός
  • Italian: chiaro
  • Japanese: 淡い
  • Korean: 밝은
  • Norwegian: lys
  • Polish: jasny
  • European Portuguese: claro
  • Romanian: deschisla culoare
  • Russian: светлый
  • Spanish: claro
  • Swedish: ljus
  • Thai: ซีด
  • Turkish: açık
  • Ukrainian: світлий
  • Vietnamese: nhạt


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