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[ˈpleɪt ]
1.  (dish) assiette f
a plate of sandwiches une assiette de sandwiches
to have enough on one’s plate (figurative) avoir bien assez à faire comme ça
to have a lot on one’s plate (figurative) avoir déjà trop à faire
to hand sth to sb on a plate (figurative) (mainly Britain) offrir qch à qn sur un plateau
The presidency was handed to him on a plate. La présidence lui a été offerte sur un plateau.
2.  (sheet of metal) plaque f
3.  (coated metal) plaqué m
They aren’t real gold, they’re just plate. Ils ne sont pas en or massif, juste en plaqué.
4.  (dishes and cutlery) vaisselle f
gold plate vaisselle f d’or
silver plate vaisselle f d’argent
5.  (on door) plaque f
6.  (Photography) plaque f
7.  (Typography) cliché m
8.  (in book) gravure f
9.  (Automobiles) (also: number plate) plaque f
10.  (Geology) plaque f
11.  (also: dental plate) appareil m (dentaire)

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Example Sentences Including 'plate'

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People have fallen through plate glass windows without sustaining fatal injuries.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
You'd think they'd be a bit more grateful that you're there to hand them the stuff on a plate.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)
There was a jeep parked up near the generator with its licence plate facing our position.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)

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'plate' in Other Languages

British English: plate /pleɪt/ NOUN
A plate is a round or oval flat dish used to hold food.
Anita pushed her plate away.
  • American English: plate
  • Arabic: صَحْن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: prato
  • Chinese: 盘子
  • Croatian: tanjur
  • Czech: talíř
  • Danish: tallerken
  • Dutch: bord
  • European Spanish: plato utensilio
  • Finnish: lautanen
  • French: assiette
  • German: Teller
  • Greek: πιάτο
  • Italian: piatto
  • Japanese: 平皿
  • Korean: 접시
  • Norwegian: tallerken
  • Polish: talerz
  • European Portuguese: prato
  • Romanian: farfurie
  • Russian: тарелка
  • Spanish: plato recipiente bajo y redondo
  • Swedish: tallrik
  • Thai: จาน
  • Turkish: tabak
  • Ukrainian: тарілка
  • Vietnamese: đĩa đựng thức ăn


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