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[ˈræɡ ]
1.  (piece of old cloth) chiffon m
a piece of rag un chiffon
a red rag to a bull (mainly Britain) un chiffon rouge
to lose one’s rag (Britain) (informal) perdre la boule (informal)
2.  (pejorative) (newspaper) feuille f de choucanard m
3.  (for charity) attractions organisées par les étudiants au profit d’œuvres de charité
transitive verb
(Britain) (tease) taquiner
to rag sb about sth taquiner qn à cause de qch
rags plural noun
(old torn clothes) haillons mpl
in rags [person] en haillons; [clothes] en lambeaux
dressed in rags en haillons
to go from rags to riches passer de la misère à la richesse
a rags-to-riches story un conte de fée

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Example Sentences Including 'rag'

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People wore masks or tied rags about their faces.
Aidan Hartley THE ZANZIBAR CHEST: A Memoir of Love and War (2003)
The purveyor of luxury goods has decided to replace some old rags with shiny new stock for spring.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
She inhabits a world most are dying to read about in gossip rags.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
So get your glad rags on and cheer on a winning stallion.
The Sun (2009)
His stiff dignity hung about him in rags and tatters.
Frances Hodgson Burnett Emily Fox-Seton (1901)
Put on your glad rags and book a babysitter.
The Sun (2012)
Put on your glad rags and remember the couple that you used to be.
The Sun (2017)
That too failed, so oily rags were lit to set fire to the den.
The Sun (2008)
She just dressed in any old rags.
Shawn Levy READY, STEADY, GO!: Swinging London and the Invention of Cool (2002)

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'rag' in Other Languages

British English: rag /ræɡ/ NOUN
A rag is a piece of old cloth which you can use to clean or wipe things.
...dry it with a rag.
  • American English: rag
  • Arabic: خَرْقَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: trapo
  • Chinese: 抹布
  • Croatian: krpa
  • Czech: hadr
  • Danish: klud
  • Dutch: vod
  • European Spanish: trapo
  • Finnish: riepu
  • French: guenille
  • German: Fetzen
  • Greek: κουρέλι
  • Italian: straccio
  • Japanese: ぼろきれ
  • Korean: 헝겊 조각
  • Norwegian: fille
  • Polish: szmata
  • European Portuguese: trapo
  • Romanian: cârpă
  • Russian: ковер
  • Spanish: trapo
  • Swedish: trasa
  • Thai: ผ้าขี้ริ้ว
  • Turkish: çaput
  • Ukrainian: ганчірка
  • Vietnamese: giẻ rách


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