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Spanish translation of 'Plate'


[pleɪt ]
the River Plate el Río de la Plata


[pleɪt ]
(flat dish) plato m
[of metal etc] lámina fplancha f
(for church collection) platillo m
(plateful) plato m
▪ idiom: to hand sth to sb on a plate (informal) ofrecer algo a algn en bandeja (de plata)
▪ idiom: to have a lot on one's plate (informal) estar muy atareado
2.  (on cooker) quemador mfuego m
(warming plate) plancha f (eléctrica)
3.  (silverware etc) vajilla f
gold/silver plate vajilla f de oro/plata
4.  (plaque)
(on wall, door) placa f
5.  [of microscope] placa f
6.  (Automobiles)
(number plate) matrícula fplaca f
7.  (dental plate) dentadura f (postiza)
8.  (book illustration) lámina fgrabado m
9.  (Geology) placa f
10.  (Horse Racing)
(prize) premio m
11.  (US) (Baseball) plato m
to go to the plate entrar a batear
plates (British) (very informal)
(feet) tachines (v. inf) mpl
transitive verb
(with gold) dorar
(with silver) platear
(with nickel) niquelar
see also chromium-plated
2.  (with armour) blindar

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'Plate' in Other Languages

British English: plate /pleɪt/ NOUN
A plate is a round or oval flat dish used to hold food.
Anita pushed her plate away.
  • American English: plate
  • Arabic: صَحْن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: prato
  • Chinese: 盘子
  • Croatian: tanjur
  • Czech: talíř
  • Danish: tallerken
  • Dutch: bord
  • European Spanish: plato utensilio
  • Finnish: lautanen
  • French: assiette
  • German: Teller
  • Greek: πιάτο
  • Italian: piatto
  • Japanese: 平皿
  • Korean: 접시
  • Norwegian: tallerken
  • Polish: talerz
  • European Portuguese: prato
  • Romanian: farfurie
  • Russian: тарелка
  • Spanish: plato recipiente bajo y redondo
  • Swedish: tallrik
  • Thai: จาน
  • Turkish: tabak
  • Ukrainian: тарілка
  • Vietnamese: đĩa đựng thức ăn


Translation of Plate from the Collins English to Spanish
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