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Additional synonyms

in the sense of eclipse
to overshadow or surpass
The gramophone was eclipsed by the compact disc.
leave or put in the shade (informal)
in the sense of govern
to direct and control the policy and affairs of (a country or an organization)
They go to the polls on Friday to choose the people they want to govern their country.
in the sense of lead
to have the principal part in (something)
He led the country between 1949 and 1984.
preside over,
be in charge of,
head up
in the sense of master
His genius alone has mastered every crisis.
in the sense of monopolize
to hold exclusive control of a market or supply
They are virtually monopolizing the market.
take over,
exercise or have a monopoly of
in the sense of outshine
to be better than (someone) at something
He outshone all the other contestants.
be superior to,
leave standing (informal),
be a cut above (informal),
be head and shoulders above,
run rings around (informal),
leave or put in the shade
in the sense of overrule
I said no, and of course he overruled me.
prevail over,
bend to your will,
act or work upon
in the sense of overshadow
to make (someone or something) seem insignificant or less important by comparison
She overshadows all the other members of the cast.
rise above,
take precedence over,
be superior to,
tower above,
be head and shoulders above,
steal the limelight from,
leave or put in the shade,
render insignificant by comparison,
throw into the shade
in the sense of rule
to restrain or control
Fear can rule our lives.
be pre-eminent,
have the upper hand over

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